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Simple measures ‘can usually help to beat bad breath’


Bad breath could be cured easily.Taking simple measures and implementing a stringent emergency dentistry prevention regime can usually help to beat bad breath, one expert has said.

Speaking on Good Morning Maryland, Dr Harold Katz, the author of The Bad Breath Bible and an authority on halitosis, explained that avoiding small things and picking up good habits can mean the difference between having a mouth that tastes awful and one that tastes sweet.

He recommended cutting down on dairy foods and drinking plenty of water, as a dry mouth is often a key cause of halitosis.

Avoiding sugary sweets, gum and drinks could also help, as could stopping smoking and excessive drinking.

Finally, Dr Katz advised using an oxygenating toothpaste instead of one containing Sodium Lauryl Suflate.

Brushing the tongue to get rid of bacteria may also help.

According to NHS Choices, bad breath is something that almost everyone gets at some point, but 50 per cent of the population suffers from persistent halitosis.

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