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Dental implants could help forgetful hotel residents


Dental implants can't get left behind like dentures. People who have false teeth and also happen to travel a lot could consider getting dental implants in order to avoid any mishaps.

This comes after Travelodge said it has seen some unusual items left in hotel rooms lately, including a set of dentures worth £6,500.

Forgetful residents also left behind a Rolex watch covered in diamonds, £10,000 cash in a dustbin and even a Bengal kitten called Tiger.

"Our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations," a spokesperson commented.

While dentures have to be taken out every night – and therefore run the risk of being forgotten if their owner has to run for a train – dental implants are fitted into the jaw and so look and feel like real teeth.

Last month, Glastonbury People reported that a man had appealed for help after losing his dentures out of a bum-bag somewhere in the local area. He was hoping to be reunited with them in time for Christmas dinner.

Dental implants ‘are the best thing aside from real teeth’


Dental implants are almost as good as real chompers. A dentist has recommended dental implants as the closest thing patients can get to real teeth.

Dr John Miller told the Dothan Eagle that for a long time, dentures were the only option available for those who lost their natural teeth, even though they have to be removed at night and can come loose.

However, he pointed out that these days, dental implants are a much better alternative because they look and feel real, as well as being permanently anchored to prevent clicking and movement.

Furthermore, they can return chewing efficiency to 100 per cent.

"It's the closest thing to natural teeth you can get, Dr Miller commented.

Dental implants could have helped in an incident reported by Glastonbury People earlier this week, which saw a local man appealing for the return of his dentures after losing them on a trip out.

He was hoping to get them back before Christmas Day, but his misfortune could have been avoided if his teeth were fixed in place.

Could dental implants have helped to avoid false teeth disaster?


A man from Glastonbury might not be in a predicament if he had opted for dental implants.A man has issued a plea for residents to keep an eye out for his false teeth after losing them in Glastonbury, with this situation unlikely to have come about if dental implants had been fitted instead.

According to Glastonbury People, the owner of the missing teeth is hoping to be reunited with them in time for Christmas lunch.

If he had had dental implants he might not have had to worry about this situation, but as it is, he may be forced to eat his festive meal without his precious chompers.

"They were lost somewhere in Glastonbury and were in a steel tin measuring approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, inside a black bum-bag," added the online news provider.

US dentist Dr Yoli DiGiulio recently claimed dental implants are vastly better than dentures and suggested individuals could need just one of the former in a lifetime if it is fitted correctly.


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