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Georgia May Jagger worries that she will have ‘scary teeth’ when she is older


Mick Jagger’s youngest daughter has managed to build a successful modelling career off the back of her famous name, but that doesn’t mean Georgia May Jagger has the perfect life – she still gets teased about her teeth and often feels self-conscious that her dental problems are on show for all to see.

Speaking to The Edit, an online magazine, the 21-year-old admitted that she worries about the gap between her front teeth that has taken centre-stage in many of her modelling shoots – even becoming her signature when she fronts magazines and advertising campaigns. Georgia mentioned that the social networking site Instagram has played host to some ‘interesting debates’ about the condition of her teeth, saying ‘When 12-year-olds tell you to go get braces and someone answers ‘don’t tell her to do that’, that’s really sweet.’

The model went on to discuss the pressures of her chosen career, and mentioned that she wanted her fans to know that she’s not perfect, saying ‘There’s this whole idea of perfection [in modelling]. What younger girls don’t realise is that these girls do have problems. It’s good for people to realise everyone is human.’ She also added that she worries what her teeth will look like in the future, predicting that she will be ‘a weird old woman with scary teeth.’

Cosmetic dentistry ‘can reverse the ageing process’


The ageing process could be slowed by cosmetic dentistry.Getting cosmetic dentistry could allow people to achieve a younger-looking smile in no time, a dentist has asserted.

Dr John Simmons, who owns a practice in Georgia in the US, said discoloured teeth can really give away a person's age, making them feel older than they should.

However, he explained cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening can make a "dramatic difference" and that he loves doing it as a result.

"When we hand [patients] the mirror to see their new smiles, we get everything from speechlessness to tears," Dr Simmons commented.

In September this year, Round Town News recommended laser teeth whitening for anyone who has noticed that their smile is looking a little discoloured as they age.

It said the process is fast, safe, affordable and painless and that the effects should last anywhere between 18 and 24 months.

Using lasers is generally quicker than tradition teeth whitening processes.

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