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Aussie rules footballer suffers dental injury


Midfielder for the West Coast Eagles, Elliot Yeo, has had his two front teeth knocked out during an on-pitch collision with Collingwood ruckman Jarrod Witt. The two men clashed at the Melbourne Cricket Ground during a match on Saturday and Yeo came off worse; photographs show the player’s two front teeth breaking and flying out of his mouth. He is expected to have a dental bill close to £40,000 after the damage has been repaired.

Straight after the collision, the 20-year-old player was aware that some damage had been done and showed his teeth to the referee shortly before half time; reported that trainers were unable to retrieve the teeth, so Yeo is looking at a hefty dental bill to fix his broken smile.

Aussie rules players tend to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth whilst playing the physical game, but teammate Xavier Ellis told The Age that he believes Yeo had taken his mouth guard out ‘for 30 seconds to have a breather. I don’t think he’ll do that again.’ He added ‘I think he just took it out for literally 30 seconds and the ball came, so it’s a hefty price to pay.’

Despite his dental injury, Yeo appeared to see the funny side, tweeting ‘All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…’ after the incident. The teeth are expected to be capped this week, providing there has been no splintering of the roots or nerve damage. He is set to be back in action this weekend for the game against North Melbourne.

Woman facing £12,000 dental bill after cycling accident


After suffering serious injuries following a cycling accident, Alex Kerr was stunned to find out that she would have to foot the bill to replace six of her front teeth that had been smashed to bits. The 20-year-old underwent treatment for a broken pelvis, jaw, knee, and wrist, but surgeons told her that replacing teeth counts as cosmetic care and so she would have to pay for that herself, at a cost of around £12,000.

Alex was left in a coma after the accident last November and since she recovered from her injuries she has been facing an anxious wait to find out whether the NHS will approve payment for further restoration. Alex commented to the Daily Mail that she has read about people who have had other cosmetic treatments, such as breast augmentations and nose jobs, paid for by the NHS because of low confidence. She added ‘nobody seems to understand how awful it is to have no front teeth at my age, I didn’t mean this to happen and I didn’t just go to the doctor and say I had a lack of self-confidence and so needed some teeth. I had been in an accident and you would think it would be a priority for them to help me. I don’t want to be keeping my teeth in a glass next to the sink when I’m only 20.’

A spokesman for Northampton General Hospital said that Alex ‘has not been abandoned by the NHS. We saw Alex in out maxillofacial department in January and referred her to our consultant in surgery to assess what can be done for her in the long term from a restorative perspective. Unfortunately there is a waiting list for these appointments but we can assure Alex that the wheels are in motion.’’

Patient undergoes treatment to fix failed dental work


A man who was left with rotting teeth and loose crowns after spending £8,000 on dental treatment has undergone restorative work to give him back his smile. Jonathon Anderson, 38, of Dorset, will appear on Channel 5’s documentary Botched Up Bodies to talk about how twenty years of bungled dentistry left him in constant pain and led to a fear of dental treatment. The dentist who treated him for the show described the damage as looking like ‘a bomb had gone off.’

Mr Anderson first started treatment at the age of 18 to remove his wisdom teeth but was left with an infection after the roots of the teeth were left in the socket. His front teeth where then knocked out in an accident but repairs left him with ‘tombstone-like teeth’ that were a different colour to his other teeth. Even after repair work was administered the crowns fell out and Mr Anderson was advised to stick them back in using superglue. According to the Daily Mail, he said ‘When you go to someone who’s a professional dentist, private, and they’re charging an awful lot of money for it, you don’t doubt them.’

In order to treat all the problems, Mr Anderson had to spend about twelve hours in the dentists’ chair and all his teeth were removed and replaced with implants. He is now relieved to finally have his smile back after twenty years and his wife is also happy that he is feeling more confident, he said ‘The confidence is back. Leanne loves how much I can now smile at her. It’s awesome, absolutely awesome!’

Actor puts TV role down to missing teeth


TV actor Peter Coonan has credited his missing front teeth with landing him the role of Fran in the award-winning drama Love/Hate. The 28-year-old plays gangster Fran in the popular RTE show and viewers saw the character get involved in a pub brawl where two of his teeth were knocked out; thanks to the actors previous dental injuries there was no need for elaborate make-up after the fight.

Coonan explained that ‘I had an incident when I was younger and I fell. I had an accident and smashed my teeth, so I’ve had a denture. On the first film I worked on, which is the reason I got the part on Love/Hate, I had my teeth out and… that’s how I got the audition for Fran.’ He went on to say that he was expecting the missing teeth to come into the show at some point, adding that ‘For every script for every season I was like ‘when is it coming?’, and then I saw the teeth [incident] in episode two.’

The actor also admitted that he was nervous about filming the fight scenes, commenting that he came round to the idea after considering dental treatment to replace the teeth; he said ‘it’s one of those things and I won’t have [the denture] for long because I’m going to get them fixed, so we may as well utilise it.’

Mother speaks of shock after baby is born with two teeth


A new mother has spoken of her shock after her baby daughter was found to have two fully formed teeth straight after she was born. Vicki Griffiths was astounded to see that baby Eva Faith already had two front teeth when she was born at James Cook University Hospital in Middlesbrough on September 8th, weighing 7lbs 4oz.

Vicki, 26, told the Daily Mail that her partner Steven informed her that the baby already had teeth and the pair ‘burst out laughing’; she added ‘we were in shock, and so were the midwives. She had her mouth closed to begin with, so we didn’t notice. It was quite bizarre to see them’ The new mum also said that she had been planning to breastfeed but was put off when she saw Eva’s teeth, saying ‘I don’t think anybody could blame me!’

Midwives and doctors at the hospital struggled to give the parents information about how to care for Eva properly because the occurrence is so rare – appearing once in every 2,000 to 3,000 babies. Vicki said ‘I kept asking the midwives and nurses what I could give Eva if she was in pain, but nobody was able to answer me. They just kept going away and then coming back with more people to look at Eva’s teeth. Nobody could believe it. When we came out of the hospital I went to see my GP and he said that he had never heard of this happening before.’

Consultant neonatologist at James Cook said ‘It probably happens about three times every two years here and we deliver 4,000 babies a year. Babies are born with one or two teeth and it’s usually in the lower gum.’

Children in Ireland are waiting up to four years for orthodontic treatment


New research claims that parts of Ireland have waiting lists of up to four years for children who need orthodontic treatment. The Orthodontic Society of Ireland has suggested that there are not enough dentists to cope with the country-wide demand and the waiting lists are getting longer as a result. The estimated average waiting time is about three years, with the HSE North East region counting around 4,000 children who are waiting to get orthodontic work done.

President of the Orthodontic Society of Ireland, Dr Katherine Condren said that emergency cases were being prioritised but otherwise children were going to have to wait several years for their treatment. Some patients are turning to private practices to get help; Catherine Kearney from Terenure paid 4,250 euros – around £3577 –  for her 12-year-old daughter’s treatment over a three year period, after being told to return when she was 17 and even then there was no guarantee that there would be treatment available. She told the Irish Times ‘My daughter’s case was regarded as cosmetic, but it was more than cosmetic. That is the way they are characterised.’

The OSI are also warning against ‘quick fix’ solutions either at home or abroad, as people look at other options. A spokesperson said; ‘There is a lot more to orthodontics than getting your front teeth straightened. Most patients require longer treatments and you will need a better outcome. We are concerned that some surgeries are offering technology that can straighten your teeth very quickly. We’re trying to alert them to the fact that only a small number will be suitable for a short treatment.’

Georgia May Jagger worries that she will have ‘scary teeth’ when she is older


Mick Jagger’s youngest daughter has managed to build a successful modelling career off the back of her famous name, but that doesn’t mean Georgia May Jagger has the perfect life – she still gets teased about her teeth and often feels self-conscious that her dental problems are on show for all to see.

Speaking to The Edit, an online magazine, the 21-year-old admitted that she worries about the gap between her front teeth that has taken centre-stage in many of her modelling shoots – even becoming her signature when she fronts magazines and advertising campaigns. Georgia mentioned that the social networking site Instagram has played host to some ‘interesting debates’ about the condition of her teeth, saying ‘When 12-year-olds tell you to go get braces and someone answers ‘don’t tell her to do that’, that’s really sweet.’

The model went on to discuss the pressures of her chosen career, and mentioned that she wanted her fans to know that she’s not perfect, saying ‘There’s this whole idea of perfection [in modelling]. What younger girls don’t realise is that these girls do have problems. It’s good for people to realise everyone is human.’ She also added that she worries what her teeth will look like in the future, predicting that she will be ‘a weird old woman with scary teeth.’

Ice mummy visits the dentist for the first time


A pre-historic mummy that was discovered in 1991 has been given a dental examination for the first time; over five thousand years after he lived and breathed. The mummified man, known as Otzi after the Otzal Alps between Austria and Italy where he was discovered, was found to have a huge amount of dental problems – suggesting to scientists that Neolithic man did not have a healthy diet, surviving mainly on bread and cereal porridge.

Researchers found several large cavities in Otzi’s teeth, as well as dental damage to the front teeth, possibly the result of an accident. It seems the man – who was around 45-years-old when he died – did not spend too much time cleaning his teeth and had an ‘astoundingly large’ number of oral diseases and dental problems that modern man is still dealing with in the present day.

Professor Frank Ruhli, head of the study, said that ‘Otzi suffered from heavy dental abrasions, had several carious lesions – some severe – and had mechanical trauma to one of his front teeth which was probably due to an accident.’

The problems with decay have been attributed to the amount of starchy food consumed, particularly bread, which was widely available in the Neolithic period due to the rise in agriculture; some food was also highly abrasive, leading to erosion of the mineral layers and an obvious change in the shape of the teeth. 

Eddie ‘The Eagle’ talks about his dental treatment


His prominent jaw and huge specs might have been what made him recognisable to so many, but Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards decided that his public image wasn’t worth sacrificing his dental health, and had his jaw broken to save his natural teeth.

‘My dentist told me that because my front teeth didn’t meet, my back teeth were grabbing at food and being ground away,’ Eddie explains. The 49-year-old also had permanent contact lenses placed so that he doesn’t have to wear his famous chunky glasses when taking part in sporting events. He went on to add that the treatment was not due to vanity, purely for ‘dental reasons’, to prevent further damage to the back teeth and eventual tooth loss.

The underbite Eddie suffered with growing up already cost him eight adult teeth, so he underwent a procedure that involved breaking the bottom jaw and moving it back, then fracturing the top jaw to shift it forward. The former Olympian said ‘The operation wasn’t too uncomfortable but I had to have my jaw wired together for five weeks. I lived off soups, custard, and milkshakes. I had a morphine pump for the pain, which was great for when I wanted to go to sleep. I just had to give it a pump.’ He also added that the front teeth were in pretty good condition, ‘because they had so little to do over the years.’

Punk rock front woman gets her teeth knocked out


Lead singer of punk rock band Against Me! knocked out several teeth this week after getting hit in the face with a microphone; Laura Jane Grace shattered her front teeth when a fan accidentally kicked the microphone stand into her face during the bands performance at the Soapbox Lounge in Wilmington, North Carolina on Wednesday.

As reported by, the accident happened when a group of fans stormed the stage and Laura was forced to throw her guitar at them as they overran the band and security. Although the transgender singer – who was formerly known as Tom Gabel – was taken for medical treatment, she didn’t seem too traumatized by the experience, finding the time to tweet and update fans on her condition. Laura posted on Twitter ‘For those asking, last night my mic was kicked into my face and it shattered a couple of teeth. It was an accident, but still really hurt.’ She wasn’t pleased about the damage done though, adding that she was ‘also pretty upset about the idea of reconstructive dental surgery.’

However, later that day the singer seemed to have cheered up, even joking that she was going to get some noticeable tooth art, tweeting ‘I’m gonna start a kickstarter to get a diamond grill like Kanye.’

The bands sixth studio album entitled Transgender Dysphoria Blues is currently being toured and should be released in 2013.

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