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Dentists play a key role in the health and wellbeing of NHL players


The National Hockey League is known for its rough game play and frequent tussles with opposing players, however few may consider the pivotal role that dentistry plays in maintaining the overall health of the players. Despite their protective gum shields, helmets, and padding, dental trauma can be a regular occupational hazard.

Hockey players can suffer many different facial injuries whilst playing the sport, including broken or avulsed teeth, smashed jaws, exposed nerves, and damaged lips to name a few. Root canal treatments, temporary fillings, and syringes full of numbing agents are a frequent occurrence within the sport.

The Tampa Bay Lightening’s goal keeper, Ben Bishop, suffered a particularly bad trauma back in October, when the hockey puck hit his face guard with such force it snapped the chin strap into his mouth, knocking out his two front teeth. The team dentist, Gil Rivera, was on hand to repair the damage. Rivera admitted to the Globe and Mail that the job was so diverse he never knew what was coming next, “I have seen violent, gruesome, trauma from a puck that has become a missile. There are images in my head that I will never forget. There are a lot of things that I would never see outside of a hockey rink. I could never even dream of them.” Luckily for the players, their team dentists are on hand to save the day.



Ancient skull found with be-jewelled teeth in Mexico



A skull thought to be around 1600-years-old has been discovered in Mexico and rather than an ordinary set of white teeth scientists were surprised to discover that the skull had teeth decorated with jewels and even a prosthetic tooth made out of a green stone known as serpentine.

Archaeologists have determined that the skull belonged to an upper-class woman who was probably foreign to the region. The skeleton was discovered near the ancient ruins of Teotihuacan, in a town called San Juan Evangelista. It is thought that the woman was between thirty-five and forty years old when she died. The female has been named ‘The Woman of Tlailotlacan’ and she has two round pyrite stones fixed to her two front teeth, another indication that she was not from this area. This practice is generally associated with Mayan regions in southern Mexico and Central America.

As well as the bejewelled teeth, the woman’s bones were intentionally deformed, a significant discovery which could point to human sacrifice, as similar skeletons were discovered in the area previously. The site is thought to be a burial ground for the Teotihuacan people who lived there between the first and eighth centuries before vanishing entirely.


Nottingham busker is hoping to play on thanks to generous donations


Friends of a Nottingham man are hoping to save the popular street musicians busking career after raising donations to pay for this huge dentistry bill. Mogs Morgan, 65, has been playing saxophone on the city’s streets for 33 years but was struggling to perform because of his loose teeth. The musician was facing a bill of £16,000 to get the problem fixed with tooth implants but fortunately his friends have stepped in to raise the money so that he can keep busking.

Mr Morgan said it was ‘mind-blowing’ that people cared enough to help. He explained to the BBC that he was having trouble gripping the reed on the mouthpiece of the saxophone because of his severely loosened front teeth. His teeth are not currently supported by bone around the roots and this means that they move around extensively when he is trying to play; the best way to treat this would be with tooth implants, which would be around £4,000 each, according to Mr Morgan’s dentist.

A friend of Mr Morgan said that an official fundraising website was being set up to accept donations so that he can have four dental implants. He added that playing music means so much to the busker, saying it ‘is his life.’


 Madonna lookalike gets dental treatment to look even more like the superstar



A Madonna lookalike who can charge up to £24000 for an appearance has completed her transformation into the superstar by drilling a space between her front teeth. Chris America has been impersonating the singer for over 33 years and sticks to a strict diet and exercise regime in order to maintain her startling similarity to Madonna.

Chris, who has been married for 14 years and lives in Washington DC, explained that she naturally had a space between her front teeth as a child but that her mother arranged orthodontic treatment to close it up and give her perfect teeth. Talking to MailOnline, the impersonator said that ten years after her orthodontic treatment, she used to put black enamel onto her teeth to create the illusion of a space between the two front teeth, in order to look as much like her idol as possible. However, when she received a call from a dentist who was putting together a book of celebrity smiles she was asked if she would like a gap in her teeth, so she went for it.

Chris told the publication ‘I like Madonna’s tooth gap. It’s very endearing and a staple of her look.’

As well as impersonating the hitmaker, she even managed to meet her long-time manager Guy Oseary and he told her that she really looked like Madonna which she described as ‘a great compliment.’


Woman tells of tooth loss ordeal after illegal whitening treatment


A mum has lost her two front teeth after illegal dental whitening – a treatment that should only be carried out by a dental professional – was performed on her teeth. Kellie Taylor, 43, is left wearing a denture after her teeth became weakened by the procedure and she had to have them removed. Kellie is now planning legal action against the beautician who whitened her teeth.

Natalie Kowalczyk was prosecuted by the dental regulator for carrying out teeth whitening illegally at a Lancaster salon. Kowalczyk was given a twelve month conditional discharge and ordered to pay Kelli £250 compensation for her pain and suffering, as well as £65 as a refund for the cost of treatment. However, Kellie does not feel this is enough, given the extent of her injuries. She said ‘it really annoyed me’, adding that she was glad about the outcome but it didn’t help her in the short-term.

Kellie describes her teeth feeling painful during the treatment but Natalie told her this was normal; however, her teeth were still ‘sore and sensitive’ afterwards for two weeks, forcing the mother to go to the dentist and find out what was wrong. The dentist told her that the bleaching product that had been used had penetrated the gums and weakened the teeth, leaving them beyond repair. Kellie now has to wear a denture to replace the two front teeth after they were extracted.

Bride-to-be wins £10,000 compensation for botched dental work


A woman who decided to get a dental makeover months before her wedding has been awarded £10,000 in compensation after bad dental work left her with rotting, black teeth.

Faye Walters, 28, had six veneers fitted on her front teeth in time for her wedding, in order to boost her confidence, but the bride-to-be was horrified when she bit into a bagel and her teeth shattered. Her gums were also badly damaged as a result of the botched dental treatment. Miss Walters was then left with a £7,000 bill to correct the damage in time for her big day.

After getting repair work done, Miss Walters, from Buckingham, spoke to Mailonline about her ordeal, saying that her teeth were left looking ‘disgusting’ and explaining that she eventually lost faith in her old dentist to fix her teeth, so she went online to find a qualified cosmetic dentist to help her out. The new dentist told her that ‘it was the worst case of its kind he had seen in his 25-year career.’ Fortunately, the repair went smoothly and she now says that her teeth are ‘great and everything has healed.’

All six of the veneers were replaced and Miss Walters was given compensation of £10,000 to cover the repair work and also for her pain and suffering.

Jeremy Kyle guest causes Twitter storm with her teeth


A guest on daily chat show The Jeremy Kyle Show has set Twitter alight simply for appearing on the programme and displaying her rather unusual dental condition. In a segment entitled ‘Stop harassing me just because I’m sleeping with your ex’ the young woman attracted a lot of attention for her prominent front teeth and Twitter users were quickly on the social networking site to discuss it.

Rather than talking about her situation, commenters were concentrating on her large teeth and The Mirror reported that Twitter had all but gone ‘into meltdown’ following the airing of the Jeremy Kyle episode. In what could be seen as an outpouring of cyberbullying, posters referred to the young lady in question as ‘Bugs Bunny’ and joked that she was causing some viewers to be put off their breakfast.

One user commented that ‘Jeremy Kyle needs to stop wasting money on lie detectors and invest in getting a dentist for the show’, whilst another cruelly joked ‘surprised Jeremy Kyle ain’t got Colgate as their sponsor yet.’ The guest later explained that she had suffered a childhood accident that meant her teeth were badly damaged but that didn’t stop people voicing their opinions about her appearance in a less than sympathetic way.

In a strange twist, Geordie Shore’s Gary Beadle also got involved after someone posted a picture of the guest and added that she had tweeted the reality regular in the past. The Geordie Shore star laughed off the post, saying ‘No way!’

David Arquette shows off new dental bling


Actor David Arquette is known for his quirky style and he has now set his sights on a blinging smile; the 43-year-old was pictured in West Hollywood this week with brand new front teeth made from gold.

The gold crowns are only temporary after the father-of-two suffered repeated dental injuries to his natural teeth and had to undergo treatment. David explained that he was ‘breaking’ and ‘cracking’ his real teeth and said ‘I go through them [teeth] like crazy.’ After seeking dental treatment, the actor explained that he asked the dentist how to solve this problem; he was told ‘Well, we can put gold on for a little while’ and he decided to go for it.

Explaining his decision, David said that he thought ‘Boom! Are you kidding?’ before going ahead with the treatment. Not only are his new golden teeth fairly noticeable, David’s denture is also customised with his own initials. He joked ‘You gotta personalise it, hip-hop style.’

Big Fat Gypsy Wedding star has his front teeth knocked out during brawl at funeral


Reality TV star Paddy Doherty, who found fame on shows like My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Celebrity Big Brother, has had his two front teeth knocked out during a fight at a funeral for an eighteen month old child that died at a travellers site in Runcorn last week. The 56-year-old was said to be unwelcome at the service, due to on-going animosity between the Doherty’s and the Joyce family – also in attendance.

According to witnesses, Doherty spat at a pall-bearer during the funeral, which took place on Tuesday, and long-time rival Johnny Joyce took offence to the act, resulting in a brawl that left mourners hiding behind gravestones and a police helicopter hovering over the cemetery. No formal complaints or arrests were made at the scene, but a probe into the incident has been launched.

John Joyce, father of Johnny Joyce, told Manchester Evening News that Paddy Doherty had attended the funeral without an invite ‘even though he knew he was not welcome.’ He added that his behaviour was ‘disgusting’ and said that ‘a few lads were injured’ as a result of the fighting; including his own son knocking Doherty’s front teeth out. Joyce also said Doherty made a swift exit after the brawl started and ‘you couldn’t see him for dust.’

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they would like to speak to Mr Doherty ‘as a witness’ to the event.

Cyclist who lost six teeth has them replaced by generous dentist


A twenty-year-old cyclist who lost six of her front teeth in a life-threatening accident last November has had them replaced by a generous dentist, after being told that the NHS could only help if she was put on a waiting list. Alex Kerr was in a coma for a week following the accident and could not afford the £12,000 for private treatment; luckily for her, a dentist who read about her plight was willing to provide the care for free.

Ms Kerr said that her dental damage left her extremely self-conscious and she did not like to leave her house for fear of the attention her broken smile would attract. After reading about her situation, Dr Wynand de Jeger, of the Brooklands Dental Practice in Broughton, offered to fit implants free of charge.

After the operation was carried out, Alex said that she can finally start enjoying her life again and added that her family ‘just can’t believe’ the difference the implants have made to her confidence. She also passed on her gratitude to the dental team that helped her, saying ‘I am so grateful to everyone at Brooklands especially my dentist. He was the one who contacted me and he has been there all the way through my recovery.’

The team at Brooklands said ‘We are currently managing the recovery of the soft tissue to ensure the final restoration will be aesthetically pleasing.’

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