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Botox injections can relieve wider illnesses


Botox injections can relieve wider illnessesBotox injections can be used to bring relief to people suffering from a wide variety of health issues such as cerebral palsy, migraines and excessive sweating.

With the majority of people assuming the substance is solely used to prevent the development of wrinkles, increasing numbers of health professionals are using the procedure to treat a number of ailments.

A recent article published in the Sun highlighted the range of issues Botox injections are able to relieve, while stating those undergoing the procedure are happy with the results.

Among the participants was Liz Pearce from Leicester, who has received the injections to help with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, which can affect speech and mobility.

She said: "The Botox relaxes the detrusor muscle, which contracts to release urine, and increases storage capacity of the bladder.

"The results are out of this world – Botox really has changed my life."

Meanwhile, the Financial Times recently reported a continued increase in the number of Botox sales occurring in the US despite the struggling economy. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800729688-ADNFCR

Could Brazilian innovation improve root canal treatment?


Patients could find root canal treatment better if two new inventions from Brazil are implemented.Innovation by Brazilian dentists could help to make root canal treatment less painful for patients.

According to the Financial Times, the field of dentistry is especially advanced in the South American country, despite its status as a developing country.

"It's an environment that encourages original research," Ultradent spokesperson Luiz Abreu commented.

He added that the company has created two new products that could soon be rolled out worldwide, one of which helps healthcare professionals to assess the amount of work needed for each root canal treatment.

The second is a set of files that is designed to make the procedure less intrusive.

Mr Abreu said researchers are interested in "combining more sophisticated materials with less invasive techniques".

The Virtual Medical Centre recently said that root canal treatment and other dental procedures need not be painful if they are caught early and recommended that patients should always go for regular check-ups.

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