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Geordie Shore’s Chloe undergoes dramatic transformation


The Geordie Shore gang seem to be competing to see who can undergo the most dramatic transformation using a combination of gruelling fitness regimes and cosmetic treatment, including Botox and facial fillers. One of the youngest cast members, Chloe Ferry, was not about to be left behind and recently unveiled a new look, complete with a new nose, following the example of her Geordie Shore castmates Charlotte and Holly.

The twenty-year-old was happy to show off her new look as she and the cast of the reality show made their way to London for promotional work. She was joined by her fellow Geordies and posed for photographers at the station when they arrived for the shows five year anniversary party.

Chloe was barely recognisable compared to her appearance when she first joined the show several seasons ago, after she admitted to Heat magazine last month that she is ‘addicted’ to surgery and doesn’t think she is going to stop until she is completely happy with her appearance. She listed her previous cosmetic treatments, which include lip fillers, dental veneers, Botox injections, a nose job, and an eyebrow-lift using facial injections.



Cameron Diaz talks Botox treatment in Hollywood


Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is reserving judgment on people who decide to have Botox treatment, although she has some words of warning for people who want to get the treatment done to stop aging.

The actress told the Huffington Post that she is not going to judge people for how they decide to try and make themselves feel good, including getting cosmetic treatment to reduce the signs of aging. She told the publication that procedures like Botox and filler injections are designed to improve the patients’ self-esteem and if they achieve this, then it has been successful. She added that it can take days off the person’s age immediately and ‘make you look like you’ve taken a nap.’

Although she says she won’t judge people who decide Botox treatment is for them, Cameron adds that ‘ageing is a cellular event’ and you can’t necessarily stop it from occurring by simply smoothing out wrinkles on the outer layer of the skin. She continued to say that this is a deeper issue that goes right inside the body; even if your face does not look aged the body is still aging with the passage of time.


Made In Chelsea’s Binky denies lip injections


After questions about her altered appearance began to circulate on social media sites, Made In Chelsea’s Binky Felstead has taken to Instagram to address the rumours, denying that she has had lip fillers to plump up her pout. Fans online were suggesting that the 25-year-old was getting cosmetic treatment, based on several new pictures that had been posted online.

After posing for a fashion shoot, Binky posted a selfie showing a close-up of her lips, which quickly began getting attention from followers on Instagram, as some questioned the reality star about her status regarding cosmetic injections. Fans questioned whether Binky’s appearance was completely natural and many were saying that she looks very different now compared to how she looks normally.

Binky was casual about the suggestions but addressed the rumours in her next post which was a caption on a picture, with the hashtag #liplinernotinjected. Despite her denials, followers were not immediately convinced and several reminded the Made In Chelsea star that American starlet Kylie Jenner used to say the same thing, before admitting to getting lip injections at the tender age of seventeen.


Loose Women’s Carol McGiffin shows off new look after cosmetic surgery


Veteran Loose Women presenter Carol McGiffin has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer for several years and now she has revealed a new look after she had a mastectomy and was declared cancer free. In an interview with Bella magazine, the 56-year-old said that she was not going to go under-the-knife to look younger again, but revealed that she did get Botox and filler injections after her illness.

The ITV panellist said that she had the anti-wrinkle treatment because she didn’t like looking ‘like an old tramp’. Carol explained that she preferred something less invasive than facial surgery, even though she would really like to have a facelift at some point; she said in the past she was ‘adamant’ she would not have cosmetic treatment but then decided to give it a go. After admitting that Botox injections can be ‘addictive’, Carol swears she won’t get carried away with it.

As well as getting Botox and fillers, she’s hoping to find her way out of her ‘hair rut’ that developed after she lost her hair to chemotherapy and radiotherapy; she was pictured in several wigs for the interview and added that she would love to get a new look after successfully fighting cancer.



Olympian Sharron Davies has been getting Botox treatment for twenty years


Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has admitted that she has been getting Botox treatment since her late thirties, in an effort to look her best as she ages. As well as the anti-wrinkle treatment, Sharron has tried out lip fillers and undergone cosmetic surgery to enlarge her breasts.

The athlete and TV presenter told Hello magazine that she feels frustrated by people who have obviously had similar treatments claiming that they look youthful just because of their diet or getting plenty of sleep. She added that ‘there is no magic formula’ for curing the passage of time and we all show signs of aging eventually but is feeling positive about her latest treatment, saying ‘this new procedure has worked wonders for me in a soft, subtle way.’

Sharron told the magazine that she has been getting Botox and filler treatments since she was in her late thirties, in order to look the best she can at her age, not to try and look younger than she actually is. She also added that women seem to have more pressure put on them to stay young looking, whereas men are allowed to age gracefully, ‘go grey and have wrinkles’ without the stigma that many women in the public eye receive.


Dermatologist suggests Kylie Jenner has had numerous surgical procedures


A New York-based dermatologist has claimed that Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie has had numerous cosmetic treatments to maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion, and may have even gone under the knife recently. The 18-year-old only admitted to having lip fillers in the last few months, something she previously denied; putting her plump pout down to well-practiced make-up application.

Dr Tabasum Mir spoke to talk show host Rob Shuter for and she compared Kylie Jenner’s appearance to that of the oldest Kardashian sister, Kim, saying that Kylie already looks like she has over-indulged in cosmetic treatment. Dr Mir said that the teenager looked like someone who has had ‘too much work done’, despite her young age. Furthermore, she added that both sisters had gone under the knife to achieve their hourglass figures, possibly having their waists and hips surgically altered to achieve their idea of beauty.

She said in the interview that Kylie ‘is really young’ and suggested that the reality star, who started having lip fillers at the tender age of 17, has probably had Botox and skin peels as well, in a bid to retain a flawless appearance just like her older sisters. Dr Mir has not treated any of the family but added that she thought Kylie was the ‘number one’ example of too much too soon when it comes to cosmetic treatment.


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