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Comedienne takes her dentures out for leap into the jungle


High above the dense jungle in Western Australia, Liverpudlian comedienne Crissy Rock was preparing for the experience of a lifetime, a sky dive from a helicopter to join the rest of her teammates for this year’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! But the restaurateur-turned-comic made sure her denture teeth were safely stored on the ground before take-off, even kissing them goodbye.

Every year, at the start of the show, contestants are expected to make the terrifying leap into their new jungle home, but Crissy, like several celebrity participants in past shows, was too scared to do it – despite making it into her harness and thousands of feet into the air in a helicopter. Through a tooth-less grimace, she admitted her nerves had got the better of her and she couldn’t do it.

Back on the ground, the 53-year-old was ecstatic to be reunited with her false teeth, which were flown in by a second helicopter. Although she told the cameras she was disappointed that she couldn’t go through with the jump, Crissy announced that she was ‘a chicken, but a proud chicken’, and laughed that she had ‘My own personal chopper for my choppers’ as the helicopter landed with her dentures.

Crissy’s jungle-mates include; Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton, Olympic athlete Fatima Whitbread, and Mcfly bassist Dougie Poynter.

Dental implants ‘are a considerable improvement on dentures’


Patients may prefer dental implants to false teeth.  Having dental implants fitted is sure to be better than wearing dentures, according to one oral healthcare specialist.

Dr Robbie Taylor, writing for the Daily News Journal, said they offer a much better fit and will also function better than traditional false teeth.

He pointed out that not only will they prevent slipping and jaw bone erosion, but they will also be able to provide 80 per cent of the biting force of real teeth, up from just 20 per cent with dentures.

"Most patients find it's a worthy investment. Talk to your dentist to see if you're a good candidate," Dr Taylor recommended.

Earlier this month, periodontics and implantology specialist Dr Robert Pearson told the Savannah Morning News that dental implants can now even be put in place around the delicate sinus areas.

He explained that technology has improved to such an extent that this is now an easy procedure.

Dental implants ‘can give people the joy of a healthy smile’


Dental implants can be used in a variety of circumstances. Fitting dental implants for a patient can help them to achieve a better quality of life, it has been claimed.

Dental Health magazine stated that the prosthetics are suitable in a variety of circumstance, whether a person has all of their teeth missing or just one.

For instance, the article pointed out, dental implants will be particularly useful when there is no back tooth present. Previously, this would have presented a problem because dentures and similar false teeth needed to anchor in two places.

However, implants are able to stand alone and have their roots in the jaw bone, so will not need the stability of a neighbouring tooth.

They could also be an option for elderly people who cannot remember to take out dentures at night.

"Modern medicine can make a small miracle – restore the tooth row and give the patient the joy of healthy living with a beautiful smile," Dental Health concluded.

Newswise recently recommended that anyone thinking of having dental implants should seek the advice of a professional healthcare provider.

Escaped car thief wishes he had dental implants


dental implants would have stopped a thief getting into hot water.A criminal is sure to be wishing he had opted for dental implants instead of false teeth after they led to him being apprehended.

James Brown, 53, had escaped from police custody in Washington DC before stealing a car and fleeing to Sacramento in California.

He lost control of the vehicle, hit two cars and then slammed into the gardens of two homes in the suburbs, but decided to flee on foot instead of waiting for the authorities and turning himself in.

Unfortunately for Mr Brown, the impact of the airbag had knocked his dentures out and police found them lying in the footwell, leading to him being identified as the perpetrator and later caught.

This comes after a report from Travelodge said it deals with lots of unusual items left in hotel rooms over the course of a year, including false teeth and live animals.  

Anyone who doesn't want to leave their teeth behind could consider replacing their dentures with dental implants, which are fitted into the jawbone.

Churchill’s dentures fetch £16k at auction


Winston Churchill's teeth show how far cosmetic dentistry has come.Any famous people having dental implants fitted may be inspired to keep their original dentures after Winston Churchill's fetched a surprising amount at auction.

The former prime minister's gold false teeth went under the hammer at London auctioneers Bonham's this week and the lucky winning bidder paid a cool £16,000 for them.

Bonham's spokesperson Lionel Willis told AFP they were made to correct a slight speech impediment that the war leader had, since he had experienced problems with public speaking due to a lisp since childhood.

The expert added that some of Churchill's most famous orations "could have been made over the top of these teeth – I think that's a rather spooky feeling".

Another pair of his dentures sold for a similar amount last year.

In August 2010, the Baltimore Museum in Maryland unveiled a display containing George Washington’s dentures to showcase just how much cosmetic dentistry has progressed.


Dental implants could help forgetful hotel residents


Dental implants can't get left behind like dentures. People who have false teeth and also happen to travel a lot could consider getting dental implants in order to avoid any mishaps.

This comes after Travelodge said it has seen some unusual items left in hotel rooms lately, including a set of dentures worth £6,500.

Forgetful residents also left behind a Rolex watch covered in diamonds, £10,000 cash in a dustbin and even a Bengal kitten called Tiger.

"Our lost and found departments provide plenty of revelations," a spokesperson commented.

While dentures have to be taken out every night – and therefore run the risk of being forgotten if their owner has to run for a train – dental implants are fitted into the jaw and so look and feel like real teeth.

Last month, Glastonbury People reported that a man had appealed for help after losing his dentures out of a bum-bag somewhere in the local area. He was hoping to be reunited with them in time for Christmas dinner.

Could dental implants have helped to avoid false teeth disaster?


A man from Glastonbury might not be in a predicament if he had opted for dental implants.A man has issued a plea for residents to keep an eye out for his false teeth after losing them in Glastonbury, with this situation unlikely to have come about if dental implants had been fitted instead.

According to Glastonbury People, the owner of the missing teeth is hoping to be reunited with them in time for Christmas lunch.

If he had had dental implants he might not have had to worry about this situation, but as it is, he may be forced to eat his festive meal without his precious chompers.

"They were lost somewhere in Glastonbury and were in a steel tin measuring approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, inside a black bum-bag," added the online news provider.

US dentist Dr Yoli DiGiulio recently claimed dental implants are vastly better than dentures and suggested individuals could need just one of the former in a lifetime if it is fitted correctly.


Could accident prompt driver to have dental implants?


Dental implants may be able to withstand impacts better than dentures.A driver in the US may be tempted to get dental implants after an accident which saw him lose his false teeth.

The unnamed motorist lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a house in Seattle, KIRO 7 reports.

Fortunately, he only sustained minor injuries, but the impact was such that his false teeth were flung from his mouth and ended up on the front lawn of the property.

In another lucky twist of fate, the owners of the house were not using the room damaged in the accident, which could have avoided further injuries.

The 24-year-old driver was taken to a medical centre for treatment, but he may be tempted to replace his dentures with dental implants.

As they are fitted into the jaw bone itself, they are much more secure and will withstand virtually anything.

John DeSanto – who has had dental implants – recently told that the two teeth he had replaced are stronger than the rest of his jaw.

Johnny Depp in need of cosmetic dentistry


A cosmetic dentistry appointment is on Johhny Depp's to do list.Johnny Depp has revealed that he is in need of cosmetic dentistry after filming the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The 47-year-old told Fox News that he can't get rid of the silver dental veneers that were temporarily stuck on so that he could play Jack Sparrow, no matter how hard he brushes.

"I get them bonded on, so they have to be plucked and filed and all that horror," he commented.

Depp said he does intend to book an appointment with his cosmetic dentist soon in a bid to return to his natural state.

In October 2010, Helena Bonham Carter told MTV News she really enjoyed wearing false teeth during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, something that could encourage her to have dental veneers fitted.

However, they are likely to be pearly white rather than the pirate-inspired silver colour chosen by Depp's stylists.

Could Helena Bonham Carter be tempted to have dental veneers?


Might Helena Bonham Carter have dental veneers?Helena Bonham Carter may be considering dental veneers after enjoying wearing false teeth during the filming of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The 44-year-old actress told MTV News she thought the makeup and temporary dentures particularly agreed with her.

She commented: "The [teeth] plumped up my upper lip, which makes you look younger. It's like having collagen without having collagen because it makes the lip fuller."

Bonham-Carter plays pure-blood witch Bellatrix Lestrange in the first installment of the Deathly Hallows, which is released in cinemas next month.

She said she will miss the character, although she did find all the screaming and shouting required to play her quite tiring.

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail suggested that Bonham-Carter was in need of teeth whitening after spotting her with a yellow-looking smile at the premiere of The King's Speech.

However, she could achieve a more uniform look with dental veneers.

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