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Ann Robinson confesses to Botox



The steely Weakest Link presenter, Ann Robinson, admits that she is ‘fanatical about how she looks’ and will go to great lengths to keep herself looking younger. The seventy-two-year-old has confessed to visiting a German health farm at least twice a year to give her body an ‘MOT’.

Despite her standoffish persona Ann has admitted that she really does care about how she looks and has undergone many procedures over the years. Speaking on a BBC documentary, Ann told of her obsession with looking good, “How I look matters to me, it always has. I have my hair cut and highlighted once a month. I have manicures, pedicures, facial peels, HRT implants. I had a face lift 12 years ago. I’m fanatical about how I look.”

Ann disclosed that she spends an annual £20,000 on Botox, and other procedures, in an attempt to retain a younger appearance. The confession was prompted whilst presenting a BBC documentary about Britain’s fixation on beauty. She was featured on the show visiting the Bodensee health farm to receive an enema. Obviously this was not shown, but the presenter was heard screaming out in pain from behind a closed door. This is a good demonstration of the lengths people will go to in the name of vanity.





Simon Cowell surprises audience with his appearance


He has never been shy about discussing his love of Botox, but TV mogul Simon Cowell has surprised his fans and critics alike with his appearance at a recent press event in LA. The 54-year-old displayed a completely smooth forehead and pulled some strange expressions as he spoke to the press at the Jaguar F-Type R Coupe launch on Tuesday.

The X-Factor judge’s dazzlingly veneers were also on display to complete the bizarre picture. Back in April, Simon spoke to the Radio Times about his beauty regime, saying ‘I work out three or four times a week, I have Botox, take tons of vitamins and vitamin infusions – if you believe that these things work, you’ll feel better.’

Although he might like Botox, Cowell has denied that he has had any cosmetic work done and was not forthcoming about rumours of a face lift while filming reality show Britain’s Got Talent. A source from backstage told MailOnline that ‘Simon had overdone things a little with the Botox and it soon showed up on camera – especially as we film in high definition, which is particularly unforgiving. During the break between shows, the producers were quick to change the lighting over the judging panel, Simon was not happy.’

Carol Vorderman raises eyebrows with her fuller face


Carol Vorderman is no stranger to controversy when it comes to her figure and fashion sense, but today it’s her face that’s getting attention from the media and fans alike.

The 50-year-old Loose Women panelist appears to have undergone some drastic changes over the past few months, her fuller cheeks and smoother skin would suggest some type of dermal filler or even a face lift, but her friends have put it down to her new make-up, stating that ‘Carol has always had high cheekbones. ’

Staff at The Harley Medical Group beg to differ, non-surgical training manager Bernadette Hart commented that her cheeks in particular were looking younger and fuller, compared to a 2010 photo of her. Ms Hart went on to say that ‘A fuller, more lifted cheek is something that can be achieved by having dermal fillers injected into the cheek area. I would suggest that rather than undergoing surgery, she may have had dermal fillers in the cheek bone area. ’

In the past, Carol has said that her age didn’t bother her and she wouldn’t even think about going under the knife to look younger, saying ‘You get to a point where you realise you’re never going to be perfect, but you deal with it. I’m happy with my appearance and very comfortable in my skin.


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