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Teeth whitening popularity ‘on the rise’


More people looking to teeth whiteningTeeth whitening is a procedure on "everyone's wish list", it has been noted in a poll of cosmetic dentists.

According to an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey published on, the popularity of teeth whitening procedures has been on the rise and they look likely to remain a common choice for people in 2011.

Dental assistant and clinical editor at CPS magazine Shannon Pace Brinker said that in her practice, the cosmetic dentists are "doing more whitening than ever before" and that over the past year, she has carried out more than 400 teeth whitening treatments.

The poll showed that teeth whitening is particularly popular among women, with 65 per cent of people who had the treatment last year being female, the poll revealed.

Orthodontist Dr Didier Fillion recently told the Evening Standard of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry and commented that "society judges by appearance". One of his most high-profile clients is future wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton.  ADNFCR-2621-ID-800514814-ADNFCR

Orthodontist extols virtues of cosmetic dentistry


Orthodontist extols virtues of cosmetic dentistryOrthodontist Dr Didier Fillion has extolled the virtues of cosmetic dentistry when it comes to achieving the perfect smile.

French-born Dr Fillion, whose high-profile patients include future queen Kate Middleton, said there are many treatments and procedures available for people eager to improve their confidence with a winning smile.

"We can always improve how people look," he told the Evening Standard. "We can always improve how people look.

"The goal is to create the most beautiful smile possible. Society judges us by appearance. If it's a choice between two people, one with a nice smile and the other with an ugly one, well."

Dr Fillion, who shares the London Lingual Orthodontic Clinic with Dr Asif Chatoo, is known for this invisible braces technique and has also pioneered 3D digital technology to enable patients to design their own smiles.

The 3D technique allows the brackets of the brace to be placed in the exact position they need to be on each tooth. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800513397-ADNFCR

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