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Dental nurse involved in helping Syrian refugees


Debbie Coyle, a dental nurse from Port Glasgow, has endeavoured on a mission of mercy, as part of a team of dental professionals, to help Syrian refugees fleeing war. The initiative has been arranged by Dentaid, a non-profit organisation that provides teams of dentists to the poor and needy. The team gave emergency dental treatment, mainly extractions and fillings, to refugees seeking shelter and safety in Greek camps.

The mission lasted four days, and the team worked tirelessly from morning until night to provide as much care as possible for the people devastated by war. They also handed out supplies of tooth brushes and toothpaste that had been kindly donated by dental practices across Inverclyde. The experience had a big impact on the thirty-five-year-old, she told the Greenock Telegraph, “It has made me see the world a little bit differently. I don’t think people realise how bad life is for the refugees in these camps.”

Debbie also spoke of the terrible conditions in the camps and spent time talking with people about their journey, and the atrocities they had been victim to. However, despite this, she said the refugees were extremely welcoming, even under such terrible circumstances. “When we took people’s teeth out they were so grateful that they would invite you to their tent for a coffee.” Debbie hopes to go back in the future to provide more care for refugees in need.




Kim Kardashian makes emergency call to dentist after chipping tooth



Always the centre of attention, Kim Kardashian is not one to let a little thing like a chipped tooth get in the way of her addiction to social media, as the 35-year-old proved this weekend as she posted a picture of herself on Snapchat getting emergency dental treatment.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star joked that she had to call 911 after she was on her way to Vegas and she chipped her front tooth, leading to an emergency trip to the dentist to get it fixed. Instead of calling in the paramedics, Kim decided instead to enlist the help of Dr Kevin Sands, Beverly Hills dentist to the stars, to help fix her tooth before a public appearance in Las Vegas, where Kim will be hosting at a nightclub for the next week.

The reality star posted a picture of herself in the dentist’s chair with Dr Sands behind her, she can be seen wearing a paper bib but there was no sign of the actual damage to the tooth. She didn’t post any updates later on but she was spotted out and about with flawless teeth, so we can assume the damage was successfully repaired.


Reality star gets emergency dental surgery after accident


The mother of late reality star Jade Goody has undergone emergency dental treatment after a fall caused six of her teeth to be knocked out. Jackiey Budden, 56, lost the teeth after falling down some steps at a friend’s birthday dinner in Paris. She said at the time ‘It would be bad enough losing one tooth, but smashing six is just horrible. I would rather have no arms than these teeth missing. I look like Popeye – it’s so embarrassing.’

Jackiey suffered more extensive damage to her teeth due to the fact that she paralysed her left arm in a motorcycle accident years ago and was unable to break her fall with both arms. She had already had a £150,000 makeover for Living TV show Extreme Makeover in 2006 and was fitted with a dental plate that was also smashing during the accident.

Although the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant has had problems with sobriety in the past she insists she had not been drinking when she was injured; Jackiey was retracing the steps of her daughter’s final holiday and she tripped on a stone step. She commented ‘I missed the step and just went smash. There was blood everywhere.’

Jackiey has kept a relatively low profile since her daughter passed away in 2009, although she appeared on several talk shows and admitted that she has does not see her grandchildren regularly because they live in London and the relationship with their father can sometimes be fractious.

Peter Crouch returns to Newcastle after dental trauma


Stoke City player Peter Crouch was only off the field for a couple of games after suffering some fairly shocking dental damage during a clash with Newcastle’s Fabricio Coloccini, and now the 32-year-old is returning to the scene of the accident, as Stoke are scheduled to play at St James’ Park on Sunday.

Crouch lost three teeth in November after colliding with the Newcastle defender and catching an elbow right in the mouth. He had to leave the pitch and receive emergency dental treatment to save the remaining teeth – fortunately, a fan at the ground who was a qualified dentist offered his services and helped the former England player get some early treatment to make sure the damage was not aggravated. He has since been fitted with a mouth guard for games, so that his teeth are not dislodged further.

Although it was Coloccini’s elbow that caused all the problems, Crouch maintains that there is no reason to think that the Newcastle player did it deliberately, saying ‘I certainly don’t attach any blame to Coloccini’. He went on to say that he could even look at the accident positively, adding ‘My nose was wonky and I had it put right after a knock. And my teeth weren’t ideal until I had them knocked out and repaired – so I’m slowly improving as I get older!’

Footballer Milanov loses five teeth after on-pitch collision


Professional footballer Zhivko Milanov, who plays for Vaslui and as part of the Bulgarian national team, has been undergoing emergency dental treatment after being involved in a nasty collision with another player during a Romanian league match on Monday. The twenty-eight year old defender clashed with CFR Cluj centre back Ricardo Sousa – better known as Cadu.

Milanov leapt to head a ball at waist height in the centre circle when Cadu lunged in with a high boot and caught the defender right in the face. Milanov crashed to the ground clutching his mouth and Cadu – who appeared to have escaped unscathed – was shown a red card by the referee. According to news website Reuters, Milanov had two teeth knocked out on the pitch by Cadu’s boot and then had to have a further three removed at the hospital after being stretchered off.

It has not yet been revealed what sort of restorative treatment Milanov will receive, although dental implants or a bridge may viable options.

Vaslui coach Viorel Hizo voiced his disgust at Cadu’s actions, mentioning that the Portuguese player had a history with this kind of violent conduct during games, he also seemed to be suggesting that the collision was due to negligence or aggression, rather than bad-timing. The coach said ‘It’s a crime. It’s not the first time Cadu has committed such a foul and I’m curious to what his punishment will be.’

Steve Tyler rocks on after dental implants


Aerosmith frontman Steve Tyler has had two dental implants fitted after knocking his teeth out falling out of the shower. The bands Paraguay tour date had to be rescheduled as Tyler recovered from his accident in hospital. According to Bourbon hotel bellboy, Gustavo Perez, the singer slipped whilst stepping out the shower and had ‘a nasty fall’.

The 63-year-old rocker has a Paraguayan dentist to thank for replacing his broken teeth and is thought to be recovering well after staying at the La Costa medical centre for nearly four hours. He received stitches to his face and emergency dental treatment from Maria Bastos, a local dentist.

Organisers of the Paraguay concert were quick to point out that Tyler was unwell before the fall, due to a bout of food poisoning which may have caused him to become dehydrated. Spokesperson Marcelo Antunez was left to make the announcement, describing Tyler’s fall as a ‘small accident’ and adding that he was doing ‘fine’.

If his appearance at a concert in Bogota is anything to go by, he looks to be on the mend. Just a week or so after his accident only a small bruise remained, and his teeth looked to be in tip-top condition. He and his family were very appreciative of all the support he received during his treatment, thanking the fans and local medical services via the media and social networking sites.

Teenager ‘needs emergency dentist’ treatment


A fight ended up with a trip to the emergency dentistA youngster in Bermuda required emergency dental treatment when his teeth were knocked out by his next-door neighbour.

Daniel Martin, 17, of Olive Lane in Sandys, was punched in the mouth by Geralvonno Williams, also 17, following a dispute about a motorbike, the Royal Gazette reports.

Mr Williams has been ordered to pay $11,850 (£7,400) in dental fees within one year to cove emergency dental treatment that resulted in false teeth being implanted, according to the news provider.

The newspaper went on to report comments by senior magistrate Archibald Warner that Mr Williams’ probation sentence is a second chance for him and he is lucky not to find himself in prison.

Last week, blogger Bob Wire explained that cutting out sugary snacks can help people avoid emergency dentistry in later life.

He added that too many sweets can lead to children having "rotten teeth crumbling inside their braces" before they hit puberty.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19387175-ADNFCR

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