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Latest diet fads could be damaging to our teeth


Whilst eating healthy food might be good for your body in general, dentists are warning that some food fads could actually be damaging to our teeth, even if they are good for our health. According to Dr Sameer Patel, there are several foods that should be avoided if we want to maintain good dental health.

Dr Patel, who works for Elleven Dental London, spoke to The Express about the risks people take when they switch to so-called healthy diets. Products that could stain or damage your teeth and those that have a high acidic content – such as grapefruit – should be avoided, according to Dr Patel, because they could cause enamel erosion and eventually tooth decay. This condition can also cause increased sensitivity in the teeth and this can be difficult to treat permanently.

Smoothies are also on the list of things to avoid, even though they are seen as being good for you. The problem with smoothies is their high fruit content, which again can cause problems with enamel erosion and decay. Dr Patel recommends drinking through a straw and waiting at least half an hour before brushing, to allow the enamel to harden again.



More patients are requesting ‘quirky’ veneers rather than the perfect smile


According to a top Belgravia dentist, the perfect ‘Hollywood’ smile is going out of fashion, as more and more people are requesting a ‘quirky’ set of veneers instead; Dr Peta Leigh, of Elleven Dental, spoke to The Telegraph about the change in trends with cosmetic dental work.

Dr Peta said that dentists based in the UK and Europe were finding that they were fitting perfect rows of white veneers less and less, as patients hope to avoid the ‘bulbous, unnatural look’ that is often associated with the ‘American style’ dental veneers. Patients are requesting more natural-looking veneers that offer a subtle improvement to their teeth, rather than something that would be obvious and may appear fake.

Dr Peta added that ‘imperfections can provide an endearing and memorable smile. The perfect set of white piano key teeth may not achieve that.’ He went on to say that ‘the most important element to a beautiful smile’ is to try and keep the teeth in proportion with the rest of the face, so that the overall look is one of ‘harmony.’ This needs to take into account the patient’s bone structure, tone of their skin, and the layout of the facial features.

It is also becoming more popular for veneers to be deliberately made ‘imperfect’ by creating a slight overlap with some of the teeth or making them slightly darker in colour so that they look like they are made from real enamel.

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