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Dangerous teeth whitening chemicals seized at East Midland’s airport


Over the past year over seventeen thousand dangerous or unsafe products have been intercepted at one of England’s most popular airports for holiday makers and business professionals. East Midland’s Airport sends and receives planes from destinations all over the world, making it a haven for people trying to smuggle illegal goods in and out of the country.

Amongst the counterfeit goods, Leicester Trading Standards found teeth whitening creams with very dangerous chemical ingredients that could cause significant harm to individuals. The rise in illegal teeth whitening products has been significantly higher over recent years. This could be due, in part, to the cosmetic procedure becoming more and more popular through celebrity endorsements and people becoming more conscious of their appearance on social media.

The illegal teeth whitening trade poses a serious threat to public health, and can cause devastating consequences. Joe Orson of Leicester Trading Standards expressed their commitment, as an organisation, to stamping out criminality and counterfeit goods of any kind, “Stopping harmful goods entering the marketplace and protecting consumers and businesses from falling victim to this form of criminal activity that could put people’s lives at risk is of paramount importance.” Other items that were seized included, faulty LED Lights that posed the risk of electrocution, Jewellery with high metal toxicity levels and laser pens.



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