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Saved By The Bell actor jailed over parole violation for taking painkiller for toothache



Former Saved By The Bell cast member Dustin Diamond was jailed after violating his parole by taking painkiller Oxycodone, supposedly to treat painful toothache.

It was reported by TMZ that the 39-year-old tested positive for the drug after a routine screening in May, and argued with his parole officer that he had taken it to try and deal with a bout of toothache, but did not know what kind of drug it was as the prescription was an old one.

Diamond was jailed for two days after testing positive for the painkiller, as parole services did not believe his story. He was previously found guilty of disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon and spent three months in jail; he was paroled in April and spoke to his former cast mate Mario Lopez about his time spent behind bars in an interview for Extra.

Diamond called the experience ‘daunting’ and ‘scary’ but managed to get out ‘unscathed’ as he followed the rules and didn’t fight the system.



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