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Hollywood surgeon suggests Beyoncé has had Botox and plastic surgery


She has always denied having any work done but one particular cosmetic surgeon is sure that pop queen Beyonce has had some cosmetic enhancement, and possibly surgery, to try and maintain her good looks.

Top Hollywood surgeon Dr Anthony Youn spoke to Radar Online about the songstress and her youthful appearance, even claiming that she has had a rhinoplasty, as well as Botox and lip fillers.

Viewing pictures of the star at a boxing match in Vegas, Dr Youn said that the 34-year-old appeared to look different and this may be due to cosmetic surgery. He said that ‘her upper lip also looks like it may have been moderately enhanced, possibly with a filler.’ As well as filling her lips, Dr Youn said that it looked like Beyoncé had undergone further filler injections into her nasolabial folds – the lines that go from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth.

In the past, the mother-of-one has voiced her concerns about the pressures on women to undergo cosmetic treatment in order to fight the signs of aging, saying ‘Some of the things that young women go through are just really heart-breaking for me.’


Andie MacDowell looks younger than ever at Cannes


Actress Andie MacDowell set tongues wagging when she posed on the red carpet with daughter Sarah, 17, this week, and showed off a complexion that looked considerably younger than her 54 years. Although Andie may have had some help with her youthful appearance, there’s no denying that she looks beautiful and still relatively natural under the spotlight – both ladies were stunning in floor length gowns as they strode onto the red carpet for photographs.

Plastic surgeon to celebrities, Dr Anthony Youn, has not treated Andie but he suggested that the Groundhog Day star has had some facial enhancement to reduce wrinkles and make her look younger. ‘It appears that she’s undergone significant plumping and softening of her cheeks, likely by injections of her own fat,’ Dr Youn said, adding that ‘Her forehead also looks relaxed, and appearance consistent with Botox injections. Her upper lip is also plump, causing her smile to look a bit Julia Roberts-esque.’

Although the actress has not commented on the rumours, she spoke to Hello! magazine back in November, saying that she didn’t judge anyone who felt the need for a little nip and tuck. ‘That said, I have also known people who have had it done expecting it to change them and make them happy.’ She commented, ‘Cutting a bit off this or that is not going to change the way you feel inside.’

Catherine Zeta Jones is latest star at centre of Botox rumours


She’s always claimed that her youthful complexion is totally natural – just the results of good genes – but according to a top Hollywood surgeon, the Welsh actress has been slightly economical with the truth and an appearance at a charity event in New York over the weekend seemed to support that theory.

Arriving with actor husband Michael Douglas at the 2012 Windward School Benefit, Catherine soon got the paparazzi talking with her suspiciously smooth face and wrinkle free skin. Plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr Anthony Youn, is not convinced that the 42-year-old has been able to maintain her youth without resorting to cosmetic enhancement; ‘Catherine Zeta Jones looks like she’s beginning to follow in her husband Michael Douglas’ plastic surgery footsteps. Her cheeks look somewhat plump, and that may be due to injections of filler like Sculptra’ he said.

Dr Youn also commented that ‘her forehead and crow’s feet are also very smooth for a woman her age, likely a result of Botox injections. Botox is typically not injected under the eyes though, hence the wrinkles in her lower eyelids.’

Others have suggested that the star wanted to have a fresher look following the stress of her husband’s battle with cancer two years ago, and – Botox or not – there’s no denying that the mother of two looked stunning in a silver V-neck number; she even took to the stage to perform with some of the Windward School students.

Cameron Diaz sparks rumours of facial enhancements


Actress Cameron Diaz has set the rumour mill going with an appearance at Paris Couture Fashion Week, where the 39-year-old displayed a suspiciously smooth complexion to waiting photographers. Although she might always have looked younger than her actual age, it seems that the Charlie’s Angels star has managed to turn back the clock, with a few age-defying cosmetic procedures.

Cameron’s forehead was shiny and wrinkle free as she smiled for the public at the event this week, and it has been suggested by industry professionals, that the actress has had either Botox injections or a chemical peel, to maintain her youthful look. Plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn spoke to the Daily Mail, and commented that Cameron’s face seemed ‘very unusual’, he added that ‘Her forehead is excessively smooth, a possible consequence of overdone Botox injections. Her face also looks extremely shiny.’

He did, however, say that he believed the cosmetic work had gone no further than that; ‘I do not believe she’s had a facelift,’ Dr Youn said, and then went on to give Ms Diaz some advice about her polished face; ‘I recommend that she get some mattifying gel as soon as possible to calm it down.’

Cameron also hit the headlines recently when she was photographed on the beach in a bikini, the internet was instantly ablaze with rumours that the star – who turns forty in August – had undergone a breast augmentation.

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