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Ashley Judd hits back at filler claims


Representatives for Ashley Judd have come forward to shoot down claims that the actress has recently overdone it with a series of facial injections. In an interview with E! News, a spokesperson maintained that Judd has been ‘battling an on-going, serious sinus infection and flu,’ which is to blame for her puffy appearance.

Dr Vincent Chan, an ear, nose and throat specialist, joined in the debate, suggesting that the only thing that could cause such a drastic change was prolonged use of steroids to deal with sinus infection. Dr Chan said that it was not common practice for steroids to be prescribed for more than two weeks in such cases, and that use for flu-like diseases ‘[doesn’t] cause that sort of problem.’

Plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn was sceptical about the time frame, but admitted that her ‘pillowy’ complexion could be the result of steroid use, if she has been taking them for some time. ‘If she says she started taking [steroids] five days ago and that’s why she’s puffy, that doesn’t sound likely,’ he said, ‘My feeling is that obviously it looks like she has a pillow face, not a steroid face, but her story definitely has some potential credibility to it.’

Judd, however, is sticking to her story, tweeting followers that ‘Steroids r dramatic. My clothes don’t fit right, hard on a girl’s self esteem.’ She also went on to talk about her 2nd round of steroids, as she battles to overcome a three-week illness.

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