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Kate Middleton’s glow could be due to Botox


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Kate Middleton's glow could be due to BotoxPlastic surgery experts have claimed that Kate Middleton’s glow could be due to Botox. It is no secret that the princess has flawless skin, however, experts are now saying that this could partly be accredited to Botox injections.

Well known plastic surgeons Dr. Vartan Mardirossian and Dr. Andrew Miller both have an opinion on Kate’s fresh-faced look. Dr. Vartan Mardirossian noticed that there is a slight difference in Kate’s appearance, particularly in the eyebrow area. He noted that recently her right eyebrow lays slightly lower. Dr. Mardirossian was quoted in Closer Weekly. “This is something that may happen when Botox is injected to treat frown lines, and as a side effect, it diffuses to the frontalis muscle that lies underneath that causes the eyebrows to temporarily shift slightly downwards.” Dr. Miller was also careful to say that it is hard to tell whether Kate has undergone Botox treatment or not. If she has then the doctor who performed it has done an excellent job making it look natural.


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