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A healthy diet ‘could prevent emergency dentistry from inside out’


Vitamins A, D and C may help to stop you needing emergency dentistry.Eating a healthy diet could be one way of preventing a need for emergency dentistry from the inside out, one expert has said.

Dr Lynn Tomkins from the University of Toronto's Faculty of Dentistry told the National Post that diet affects the teeth both directly – from foods touching them – and indirectly as a result of the nutrients absorbed into the body.

She recommended eating foods rich in vitamins A, D and C to stimulate bone metabolism and help collagen to form.

"As we get older, we continue to need all these vitamins and having them in our food is the best way to get them," Dr Tomkins commented.

However, she warned against grazing on foods all day long, even if they are nutrient-rich, as this will lower the pH of the mouth an make the teeth vulnerable to acid attacks.

Last month, lettuce and strawberries were suggested as good foods to help with the teeth whitening process by OneIndia.


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