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Dermatologist suggests Kylie Jenner has had numerous surgical procedures


A New York-based dermatologist has claimed that Kim Kardashian’s youngest sister Kylie has had numerous cosmetic treatments to maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion, and may have even gone under the knife recently. The 18-year-old only admitted to having lip fillers in the last few months, something she previously denied; putting her plump pout down to well-practiced make-up application.

Dr Tabasum Mir spoke to talk show host Rob Shuter for and she compared Kylie Jenner’s appearance to that of the oldest Kardashian sister, Kim, saying that Kylie already looks like she has over-indulged in cosmetic treatment. Dr Mir said that the teenager looked like someone who has had ‘too much work done’, despite her young age. Furthermore, she added that both sisters had gone under the knife to achieve their hourglass figures, possibly having their waists and hips surgically altered to achieve their idea of beauty.

She said in the interview that Kylie ‘is really young’ and suggested that the reality star, who started having lip fillers at the tender age of 17, has probably had Botox and skin peels as well, in a bid to retain a flawless appearance just like her older sisters. Dr Mir has not treated any of the family but added that she thought Kylie was the ‘number one’ example of too much too soon when it comes to cosmetic treatment.


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