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DIY teeth whitening ‘could bleach the gums’


People carrying out teeth whitening at home could risk bleached gums.Anyone considering having a teeth whitening treatment could consider seeking a professional to carry it out following a warning from one health practitioner.

Dr Jason McCargar from Scottsdale Dental Arts said he has seen a number of cases in which people have experienced unwanted side effects from DIY kits.

“The most common complaint I hear from patients after using a prescription-strength at-home whitening kit is that their gums turn white,” he commented.

The expert explained this is a result of too much bleach being used and the solution spilling off the teeth and onto the gums, where it oxidises the tissue.

Although he conceded the effect is not permanent, this could look unsightly should the victim have to go out to work and may prompt people to seek the advice of professionals.

Dr Timothy Kosinski recently told that laser teeth whitening could be a quick, effective alternative to traditional treatments.

Laser teeth whitening ‘is a great alternative to traditional methods’


Laser teeth whitening could achieve good results.Laser teeth whitening has been praised by one healthcare practitioner, who said it is a great alternative to traditional methods.

Dr Timothy Kosinski, who practices dentistry in Michigan in the US, told laser tools can lighten the teeth in a matter of minutes.

“This amazing technology is a very safe product with less sensitivity, a greatly reduced time for the procedure and highly effective whitening. And you can do individual teeth,” he explained.

Dr Kosinksi said laser teeth whitening can be performed in one appointment and the effects will be visible immediately, as well as lasting much longer than old methods.

The expert also called the procedure “far, far superior” to DIY teeth bleaching methods.

Last month, cosmetic dentistry expert Jennifer Jablow told Elle magazine teeth whitening can lighten teeth significantly, often in less than an hour.

She said patients may be able to achieve eight to ten shades lighter than their natural colour, depending on their teeth to start with.


Fresh fruit ‘can be harmful to teeth’


Eating peaches could lead to chipped teeth, says expertBiting fruit too deeply can damage teeth, a dental implant expert has warned.

Dr Timothy Kosinski has fitted nearly 6,000 tooth implants and said he has often treated people who have chipped their teeth on fruit containing stones.

Peaches, cherries, plums and apricots are particularly dangerous, he added, as they have hard centres that can also dislodge fillings or crowns if someone bites too hard, leaving patients needing emergency dentistry.

The Food Standards Agency suggests people have several portions of fruit or vegetables with each meal and recommends such produce as a healthy snack.

“I love fresh fruit too and enjoy a juicy peach as much as anyone but we should be careful when biting into pitted fruit,” advised Dr Kosinski, who is an assistant clinical professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry.

He also reminded people to floss after eating peaches, as the fruit’s skin can stick to teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19902686-ADNFCR

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