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Check-ups for gum disease ‘vital’


Check-ups for gum disease 'vital'People need to be aware that just because their mouths appear healthy does not mean there are not underlying oral health issues, one expert has warned.

Dr John Bridges explained the significance of dental hygiene in maintaining overall wellbeing and not just avoiding the need for emergency dentistry, Black Hills Today reports.

He commented on theories linking heart problems to gum disease stating how they are still in the early stages and as such it is important that people have regular dental check-ups to assess the health of their smiles.

“With studies still surfacing it is hard to know how many people have been affected by poor dental health,” Dr Bridges said.

He added that gum disease can increase the risk of heart attacks as proteins pass into the bloodstream.

Dr Tim Robinson recently told KPLC that people who are scared of visiting a dentist should consider using the sedation techniques available to relax themselves and allow work to be carried out more easily.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19876499-ADNFCR

Sedation dentistry ‘best for those in fear’


Sedation dentistry 'best for those in fear'A US dentist has encouraged the use of sedation in helping people who avoid seeking treatment due to fear.

Patients are given a prescriptive sedative the night before a procedure, meaning the next day they will feel relaxed allowing treatment to be carried out more efficiently, Dr Tim Robinson told KPLC.

Describing how patients react to the sedation techniques Dr Robinson said: “They can still respond to verbal commands, they’re breathing on their own, some sleep and snore while they’re in the chair.”

Known as conscience sedation, the techniques are shown to reduce anxiety and in most cases people have no memory of the procedure due to the sedative’s amnesic qualities.

According to the British Dental Health Foundation, sedation techniques can be of great benefit to those who are scared of visiting the dentist as with each appointment it becomes less frightening and often more work can be carried out in one appointment as the patient is far less nervous.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19820681-ADNFCR

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