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Journalist tries Zoom teeth whitening treatment – with sparkling results


One writer went for full-on brightness when she tried Zoom teeth whitening.  A journalist has spoken about trying Zoom teeth whitening for the first time.

Writing for the Irish Independent, Sinead Van Kampen said she had been encouraged to do so after seeing Hollywood stars flash their pearly white teeth on the red carpet at the Oscars and other award ceremonies.

She said that she was able to sit and relax while watching a DVD as the professional went about doing the whitening, which can result in teeth becoming up to eight shades brighter.

"Althought it's recommended that your new teeth match the whites of your eyes, I went the whole hog and got the full on Simon Cowell," Ms Van Kampen commented, joking that her colleagues needed sunglasses afterwards.

She concluded that Zoom teeth whitening can really give everyone the wow factor, but warned anyone having it to avoid food such as curries in the days afterwards, as they could result in staining.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, recently said that he has seen patients get their confidence and self-esteem back after opting for Zoom teeth whitening, even if they barely smiled at all before.

Zoom teeth whitening ‘can give people their confidence back’


Could Zoom teeth whitening be for you? Opting for Zoom teeth whitening could give people their confidence back, even after many years of suffering with a discoloured smile.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy, speaking from his practice in New Jersey, said the process will deal with just about any kind of staining on the teeth and is popular with adults of all ages.

He pointed out that it can be carried out in just 90 minutes, is simple and also painless for patients.

The dentist said he has seen many people get their self-esteem back after opting for Zoom teeth whitening, even if they barely smiled at all before.

"There is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile," he added.

Last month, dentist William Carter, speaking to Popular Hobbies, also recommended standard laser whitening, which he said is ideal for busy professionals as it takes such a short time.

It is advisable to seek the counsel of a professional before embarking on any new procedure.

Dental implants ‘may be needed by tooth grinders’


People who grind their teeth may cause damage that can only be fixed by dental implants. Dental implants could be necessary for persistent tooth grinders, according to one US dentist.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy from New Jersey revealed that bruxism, or tooth grinding, can often be caused by stress or anxiety and is often noticeable the following morning when a patient wakes up with headaches or pain in the shoulder, jaw or neck.

He added that in some situations, the sufferer is not aware of the problem and must be informed by a partner who has heard the noise or diagnosed at a regular dental check up.

“If symptoms are present, the condition will be observed for changes over the next several visits before a treatment programme is established,” Dr Sherzoy explained.

In extreme cases, teeth may be broken or lost.

Dental implants, which are false teeth supported by a titanium metal rod inserted into the jawbone, can solve the problem of missing teeth, while crowns can be put on broken onesADNFCR-2621-ID-800015258-ADNFCR

Tooth grinding ‘can ruin teeth’


Tooth grinding 'can ruin teeth'Grinding your teeth can result in the need for extensive cosmetic dentistry, if it is allowed to continue unchecked.

The Nassau Guardian reports the observations of dental practitioner Dr Gill Gibson-March, who has seen some patients continue grinding their teeth over a period of years.

In this situation, the nerves can draw away from the surface of the teeth, allowing grinding to continue indefinitely.

Dr Gibson tells the publication: “In some cases there are people who grind their teeth down so much over a long period of time, years even, that they get right down to their gums.”

At that point, full dental reconstruction may be required for the entire mouth.

Cosmetic dentistry practitioner Dr Sultan Sherzoy previously noted the impact that ignoring bleeding gums can have on an individual’s dental health.

Among the possible outcomes are worsening gum disease and destruction of tissue and potentially the jawbone as the disease progresses.


Over-the-counter products ‘no good for tooth whitening’


Over-the-counter products 'no good for tooth whitening'Cleaning teeth vigorously in the hope of making them whiter actually does more harm, one expert has claimed.

Dr Sultan Sherzoy suggested individuals try Zoom teeth whitening instead to improve the appearance of their smile.

He described how stained teeth require professional treatment and that over-the-counter products will not give the desired effect.

The procedure takes 90 minutes in which time the bleaching agent is applied to the gums and activated by a light that accelerates the brightening of the teeth, the specialist explained.

Dr Sherzoy said: “There is a safe, fast solution to those who want to achieve that sparkling white smile.”

Zoom whitening can be used to treat discolouration caused by tobacco, tea, coffee, red wine and medications, he added.

Entertainment blog Viral Socialite recently advised people to avoid acidic foods and carbonated drinks to help maintain a whiter smile and instead eat oranges which are rich in the natural bleaching agent vitamin C.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19858609-ADNFCR

Sedation dentistry provides benefits


Brits could benefit from sedation dentistry.

Individuals who have high levels of anxiety in regard to dentistry procedures could benefit from embracing sedation procedures.

There are presently two forms of sedation dentistry, conscious sedation and sleep dentistry, and each can help people who have chronic pain issues regarding their teeth and who need extensive or multiple procedures carried out in a single sitting, according to cosmetic dentist Dr Scott Greenhalgh.

“Many patients are astounded at how much dental work can be accomplished in a seemingly short period of time. You will wake up the next day feeling great and with the smile of your dreams,” he stated.

Dr Greenhalgh added that people should be aware they will have to make arrangements to get home after their procedures as they may well be “out of it” for a while.

Indeed, New Jersey dentist Dr Sultan Sherzoy said that up to 30 per cent of people who undergo treatments are afraid of anaesthesia and this can result in them putting off visiting their dentist.

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