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Emergency dentistry vital for injuries


Emergency dentistry vital for injuriesIf children suffer an oral injury they should always seek emergency dentistry treatment, experts have claimed.

Experts at WorlDental have suggested that if a child does not have a mouth injury rapidly assessed, it could affect their development.

The publication explained that it is important that youngsters have a healthy tooth care regime to promote awareness and prevent damage in the long run.

They described how injuries can occur from a variety of incidents such as an accident while playing or consuming hot drinks and hard foods.

If damage is sustained to any part of the mouth – including the jaw, lips and tongue – it is vital parents take their offspring to a dentist.

Failure to do so could lead to risk of permanent changes to their appearance and ability to speak, it was claimed.

Writing for the Auburn Reporter, Dr Stuart Rich recently stated that people who make regular trips to the dentist are less likely to suffer from tooth problems.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19858313-ADNFCR

Cosmetic dentistry ‘can restore dental health’


Cosmetic dentistry 'can restore dental health'With the range of cosmetic dentistry techniques available nowadays, one specialist has claimed there is no excuse for a bad smile.

Writing for the Seaway News, Dr Sholina Kherani described how people have a variety of options for improving their teeth as they age.

Problems such as exposed roots and missing teeth can be corrected by seeking treatment from a professional, who can offer procedures such as gum grafting and dental implants, she explained.

Instead of wearing dentures, the neuromuscular dentist advised individuals to consider having implants fitted for a natural appearance and to ensure they can chew properly.

Making regular visits to a dental expert was also recommended and the expert suggested using fluoride products to help prevent tooth decay and protect weakened teeth.

Dr Stuart Rich recently warned in the Auburn Reporter that people who fail to have regular check-ups are more likely to require emergency dentistry for problems that could have been noticed sooner.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19853473-ADNFCR

Dental appointments ‘prevent problems’


Dental appointments 'prevent problems'People are more likely to require emergency dentistry if they fail to have regular check-ups, one expert has warned.

Writing for the Auburn Reporter, Dr Stuart Rich recommended people make regular trips to see their dentist in order to help prevent problems arising.

Cleaning, x-rays and examinations can avert potential issues and if there is something wrong it can often be dealt with before it develops into something more painful or damaging, he explained.

If someone experiences a sudden toothache after eating he suggested they assess whether anything is stuck in the teeth and attempt to remove it using floss, however if it has been developing over time then it could be an abscess and referral to a dental specialist is the only option.

Dr Thomas Connelly recently advised individuals against biting their nails, as it can cause damage to tooth enamel and chip teeth, the Huffington Post reported.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19846250-ADNFCR

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