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Public health officials tackle tooth decay in Liverpool


A new public health campaign aimed at reducing the levels of tooth decay among children in Liverpool has been announced; health officials in the city are said to be tackling the ‘alarming level’ of decay in children’s teeth, which is being blamed mainly on sugary drinks. The campaign, which is called ‘Is your child’s sweet tooth harming their health?’ will state how many sugar cubes are found in popular fizzy drinks that many children consume on a daily basis.

Public Health Liverpool states that around 2,000 children in Liverpool will require tooth extractions before they are five years old and over a third will develop some level of tooth decay. Cut-out boards to highlight the dangers of consuming too many sugary drinks will be placed in doctor’s surgeries, children’s centres, and hospitals.

Director of public health, Dr Sandra Davies, spoke to Heart about the first campaign of its kind in the local authority and said it is important for parents to get all the right information when it comes to providing treats to their children. She added that most people do not actually look at the amount of sugar in certain products and this is how the situation gets out of hand. Dr Davies also offered advice to parents on how to look after their children’s dental health to avoid the need for extractions.


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