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Young women ‘getting Botox’


More women in their 20s are having Botox treatments.

More women in their 20s are undergoing Botox treatments, it has been revealed.

Shannon McKelvey stated in response to a survey by Time Magazine asserting that more young women are having Botox injections, that if it makes them feel good and if it is not causing them harm they should keep doing it.

“Just if it’s something you can use that is not going to harm you, but it’s gonna actually make you feel better, then I think it’s great,” commented Ms McKelvey.

Dr Raul Rodriguez stated there are currently no age recommendations for the treatment and used in combination with sunscreen and moisturisers, the treatment can help people stay looking younger for longer.

Elsewhere, medical professionals in Iran have started using Botox to treat sports injuries such as Tennis Elbow – otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis.

Research has shown the paralysing nature of the treatment can help to speed up the healing process in stress injuries such as this.

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