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Killer heels cause emergency dentistry for unfortunate women


Could your shoes generate a need for emergency dentistry? They are almost universally loved by women, but it has emerged that high heels are causing a range of problems for fashionistas, including emergency dentistry and broken wrists.

According to a poll by shoe manufacturer Hotter, more than three million females have received hospital treatment because they have fallen off their shoes, with one in ten twisting an ankle or tearing a tendon.

Meanwhile, a third admitted they have fallen face-first at least once as a result of too-high heels, with many smashing their teeth and later needing emergency dentistry.

However, six in ten of the respondents said they would carry on wearing high heels, even though 89 per cent admitted their nights out are frequently ruined by them.

A Hotter spokesperson commented: "It's incredible to imagine the pain and discomfort women endure for a pair of killer heels or an ill-fitting impulse sale bargain."

Women who have chipped their teeth because of their shoes may be pleased to know that Dr Philip Friel recently said in an article for the Scottish Daily record that eradicating chips can be carried out "successfully, non-invasively and very aesthetically".


Brittas Empire actor left needing emergency dentistry after cricket match


A cricket game resulted in emergency dentistry for one actor.Comedy actor Tim Marriott was recently forced to seek emergency dentistry after injuring himself playing cricket.

According to, he badly damaged his front teeth after the ball came off the top edge of the bat and smashed into his face as he attempted to hit a boundary.

The incident left Marriott, who played Gavin in 1990s sitcom The Brittas Empire, with a front tooth fractured through the nerve after the match in Kent.

“I rang around to find an emergency dentist and I had almost given up before I managed to secure an emergency appointment,” he told the website.

The dentist, a board member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, carried out a laser assisted root filling procedure to repair Marriott’s tooth within two hours.

Writing in the Scottish Daily Record earlier this month, Glasgow dentist Dr Philip Friel said cosmetic dentistry can be used to repair teeth that become chipped during sporting events.


Hilary Duff: I needed cosmetic dentistry on my wedding day


Cosmetic dentistry mended Hilary Duff's tooth before her wedding. Actress Hilary Duff has revealed she had to have cosmetic dentistry on her wedding day because she managed to chip a tooth before the ceremony.

The Lizzie McGuire star, 22, married ice hockey player Mike Comrie on Saturday (August 14th 2010), but one of her veneers broke hours before she was due to walk down the aisle.

“My wedding planner snuck me out to the dentist! Thank goodness it was fixed,” she told OK! magazine.

Duff was understandably pleased to have tracked down someone to perform cosmetic dentistry so quickly, as she may otherwise have been forced to digitally enhance her wedding photos!

Earlier this month, dentist Dr Philip Friel told the Scottish Daily Record simple cosmetic dentistry can quickly and easily fix chipped teeth, whether they are real or veneers.

He said an accident of this kind need not be the end of the world thanks to today’s techniques.

‘Simple cosmetic dentistry’ can easily repair chips


Cosmetic dentistry could fix that chip.People who chip their teeth need not worry their smile may be affected forever, because simple cosmetic dentistry could correct the problem.

This is the advice of dentist Dr Philip Friel, who was writing in response to a reader’s query in the Scottish Daily Record.

The unnamed woman said her 14-year-old son had chipped his front tooth playing football and was “devastated”.

However, Dr Friel said eradicating chips can be carried out “successfully, non-invasively and very aesthetically”.

“A simple chip can be restored using a direct composite resin technique … blending it in nicely to the adjacent tooth shade,” the expert added.

Cosmetic dentistry could even help to repair more serious damage. Last month, it was reported that American Chrissy Steltz was having dental implants to restore her teeth after losing large areas of her face in a gun-related accident.

The 27-year-old was shot 11 years ago and the dental treatment is part of a range of surgeries designed to rebuild her jaw and nose.

Dental veneers ‘boost a smile’s impact’


People’s smiles could be improved with dental veneers.

Individuals looking for a smile that has impact might like to invest in dental veneers, one dental professional has argued.

Dentistry IQ reported that Dr Philip Friel has said dental veneers help create an even, bright smile for patients, but they can invasive and take time to complete correctly.

However, the benefits they provide over other solutions are that they are permanent and a person simply looks after them as they would their own teeth.

In addition, dental veneers can be used to mask gaps in teeth or imperfections, he added.

Dr Friel stated: “Depending on the aesthetic requirements, the gap can be closed using shaded porcelain onlays which can be bonded to the adjacent teeth. Both of the above can take place over two visits.”

Elsewhere, Dental Plans recently reported that many children could benefit from having braces fitted and this, in turn, could help to boost their confidence as an adult.

The publication noted children should have their teeth looked at when they are relatively young in order to head-off any problems that might develop for them as they get older.

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