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Dental veneers ‘are like false nails for your teeth’


If you've had false nails, how about trying dental veneers?Dental veneers have been likened to false fingernails by one cosmetic dentistry expert.

Speaking to Turn to 10, Dr Paul Matrullo said the covering is attached to the teeth so that it covers them, in much the same way that an acrylic fingernail goes on to the fingertip.

He said they are a good idea for patients who want a conservative look, but warned that they should be looked after if they are to last.

"Some of the veneers are only five-tenths of a millimetre thick. If you take a blow, or if you fall, or if you're a fingernail biter, there is the possibility of chipping them," Dr Matrullo pointed out.

The expert also said that the perfect candidate for teeth whitening is someone who has not yet had any cosmetic dentistry done, as it will immediately alter the appearance of their smile.

In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, cosmetic dentistry practitioner Dr Joe Oliver said that teeth whitening and dental veneers could help people to look ten years younger. 

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