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Zoom teeth whitening ‘has positive results’


People planning teeth whitening might like to consider Zoom.

Individuals looking for teeth whitening treatments that deliver positive results have been urged to choose Zoom teeth whitening products.

The Scotsman reported that not even years of drinking double espressos and having badly stained teeth are a match for Zoom teeth whitening when it comes to make pearly whites brighter.

Indeed, Cherrybank Dental Spa resident dentist Ian Ollerhead has claimed the treatment is remarkably effective.

Dr Ollerhead said: “Only 40 per cent of my patients have any pain, when it comes to Zoom.”

Elsewhere, people worried about damaging their teeth through the hydrogen peroxide (HP) found in many teeth whitening products have been reassured that as long as the treatment is carried out by a professional, they should be alright.

Indeed, the average concentration of HP in these treatments is 38 per cent and research has shown that should not harm the enamel in any way, WorlDental reported.

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