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Cosmetic dentistry ‘boosts confidence’


Cosmetic dentistry can help people boost their confidence.

US dental professional Dr Robert Mondavi has claimed that carrying out cosmetic dentistry procedures can help patients to improve their confidence when they see the final results.

He stated dentists are now using the latest technology to provide outstanding improvements in appearance for people who feel they have bad teeth.

Indeed, having a rejuvenated smile can help people feel better about themselves and also improve their standing in the eyes of others. 

“Do not hesitate in getting the care you need for your teeth and those of your family members. Bad teeth and improper oral hygiene habits can contribute to overall poor health,” Dr Mondavi argued.

Oromo Index also recently advised that the range of options available to those looking to carry out cosmetic dentistry procedures has increased in recent years.

The news provider stated contouring or reshaping of misshapen teeth, teeth whitening treatments, bonding, dental veneers, bridges and gum lifts are now all viable options for those looking to brighten up their smile.

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