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Dentist offers £25,000 treatment for free


A patient who was left with a completely destroyed smile after failed implant treatment has been offered dental work worth £25,000 completely free of charge by a Plymouth dentist. Gabriela Andrews was left with jagged teeth after her dental implant treatment went disastrously wrong and she couldn’t even claim on the insurance because the dentist who treated her was not properly insured and has since been struck off.

After hearing about the unfortunate situation, a generous dental surgeon offered to repair the damage and give Gabriela back her smile following a three year fight for justice. Dr Mitesh Badiani, of the Plymouth Dental Centre of Excellence called her up and explained that he wanted to show Gabriela, 48, that there are still good dentists willing to help.

When she was told that the £25,000 treatment was going to be free of charge, Gabriela couldn’t believe it, saying ‘When you are as deep as I am in a situation like this, to get that call from a doctor is like a dream. I still can’t believe there will be a day I will look in the mirror and have teeth. I try not to think about it. I didn’t ever expect this.’

Dr Badiani said that it is unacceptable for dentists to be leaving patients in difficult positions both financially and physically, and added that ‘We analysed the situation and thought; this is not about the money, it’s about making sure someone can benefit from our skills.’

Dental implants ‘will become more popular’


Dental implants look set to become more popular.Dental implants and other forms of innovative medical technologies are set to become even more popular over the coming years as people become more aware of their benefits.

Becker's ASC Review cites a study from the Millennium Research Group which shows that treatments such as facial injectables, percutaneous heart valves and dental implants are set to dominate the healthcare market by 2016.

Dr Mitesh Badiani told Okehampton Today that dental implants are good because they are a "clever long-term solution" rather than a quick fix like dentures or bridges.

He explained that they are a screw-shaped replacement for the original tooth – which may have been knocked out in an accident – that are anchored into the jaw bone.

"Made from titanium, they tend to be well tolerated by bone tissue, which should 'fuse' with the implant making the new tooth extremely stable," the expert added.

Anyone thinking of having dental implants should seek the advice of a professional to discuss their options.

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