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Botox helps to reduce effects of throat cancer


Botox has helped a throat cancer sufferer.A chemistry teacher has been speaking of her delight after Botox treatment restored her voice when she lost it to throat cancer.

Geeta Mishra had to have her larynx removed in October 2009 and was devastated to find she could not speak even when an artificial voice box was put in several months later, the Times of India reports.

However, she was put in touch with Dr Mandar Deshpande, who recommended a pioneering treatment from America involving shots of Botox in the throat.

He explained this paralyses the overactive pharyngoesophageal segment which allows the voice to return.

“Five shots of Botox restored my voice within 12 hours,” Ms Mishra commented.

Dr Deshpande explained the treatment could help the ten per cent of people who do not respond to artificial voice boxes after suffering from throat cancer.

Earlier this month, Mark Weatherall from the Migraine Trust told the Sun Botox can help people who struggle with debilitating headaches to get their lives back.

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