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Drinking energy drinks ‘could lead to emergency dentistry’


Drinking energy drinks 'could lead to emergency dentistry'People who consume energy drinks regularly could be increasing the risk of needing emergency dentistry.

Damaging acid, often found in sugary sports drinks, can weaken protective enamel and leave teeth unprotected against bacteria, WFAA reports.

Dr Linda Niessen told the news provider: "Your teeth are crystals, just like rocks.

"You know you erode rocks from water and rain; you can erode the teeth from these acidic drinks."

A break down in tooth enamel may also lead to sensitivity, which can cause pain and further damage to sufferers, she suggested?

This can also be caused when gums recede and dentin, the sensitive layer beneath the enamel, is left uncovered.

Drinking water rather than sugary drinks during a workout will not harm teeth but help to keep the body hydrated.

Advise website eHow Food warned that even sugar-free versions of energy drinks can contain high levels of artificial sweeteners such as Splenda or Acesulfame potassium. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800526005-ADNFCR

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