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Tooth loss ‘is aging’


Tooth loss 'is aging'Looking after teeth can do more to prevent people looking older than plastic surgery, one group of specialists has claimed.

Dentists have explained how tooth loss can make individuals appear older than they are and that failing to floss can have long-term consequences, msnbc reports.

Poor dental hygiene could lead to gum disease, which if severe enough may damage the jaw bone and alter a person’s appearance, California dentist Dr Donald Clem warned.

He added that lips and cheeks look caved in and wrinkles become more prominent around the mouth.

Dr Eugene Antenucci furthered this theory, stating: “You register an older look because you see more spaces, less and uneven gum tissue.”

Oral health expert Dr Laura Torrado said that even if people attempt to have dental implants to correct the problem, the bone could be too extensively damaged for them to have a realistic affect.

Smokers were recently cautioned against the habit after it was revealed by WorlDental magazine that it could increase the risk of tooth loss.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19846970-ADNFCR

Expert tips for a whiter smile


Expert tips for a whiter smileTo get a whiter smile it is important to first have your teeth whitened and then follow a strict regime of a healthy diet and dental hygiene, a US dental expert has claimed.

Dr Laura Torrado told that teeth-whitening products would have no effect unless teeth have initially been professionally whitened.

The cosmetic dentist, whose clients include Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively, explained that avoiding food and drinks such as coffee, wine and berries would help to reduce staining, while chewing gum throughout the day would combat the build-up of plaque between meal times.

She advised that although mouthwash is good for combating bad breath it would not remove stains and instead people should ensure they brush their teeth twice a day and floss regularly.

The positive effects of laser teeth whitening were recently reported by the Daily Mail, which stated that people who had received the treatment found their teeth to be up to six shades brighter after one application.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19819976-ADNFCR

National Smile Month advice for Brits


Brits advised about oral health during National Smile Month.

People across the UK have been told to brush twice daily as part of a new campaign launched to commemorate National Smile Month.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, has stated people should be doing more to ensure they do not lose their teeth as they get older and, as such, the organisation has launched its new Teeth4Life campaign.

He commented: “Use of interdental brushes and floss has risen but those who use them are still in the minority. So, things have improved but there is still a long way to go.”

Meanwhile, Hollywood actress and pop star Jessica Simpson was recently told by dentists to start brushing her teeth, after it emerged that instead of doing so, she relies on mouthwash only to remove any plaque from her teeth.

New York-based cosmetic dentist Dr Laura Torrado argued that, if this were the case, she could be running an extremely high risk of developing gum disease in the years ahead

Don’t hate the dentist, expert urges


Dentists are nothing to fear, it has been stated.

People have been urged not to hate visiting the dentist and instead to look forward to the trip. dental fear

Dr Murali Srinivasan wrote in a blog for Health First that people should not be apprehensive about a check-up, as making regular appointments can ensure they maintain the best level of oral health.

He noted: “Eat smart, brush well and go for regular dental checks-ups to maintain healthy teeth and gums, which in turn will make your smile a confident and long lasting one.”

Elsewhere, Dr Laura Torrado recently wrote in a post for Your Story that dental professionals will carry out multiple procedures at the same time in order to achieve the best results for patients.

She noted it is important to achieve the best final outcome and often the best way to do this is to combine procedures to ensure everything about a person’s smile remains in proportion.

Cosmetic dentistry ‘comprises several treatments’


Dentists could carry out multiple procedures to get the best results.

Individuals having cosmetic dentistry treatments have been told that in order to achieve the best results, dental professionals will carry out multiple procedures at the same time. cosmetic dentistry

Dr Laura Torrado wrote in a post for Your Story that it is important to achieve the best final outcome and often the best way to do this is to combine procedures to ensure everything about a person’s smile remains in proportion.

She said: “An experienced and expert cosmetic dental expert makes frequent repeated sittings of various cosmetic dental procedures worth their while by ensuring the million dollar smile that people are able to flash in the end.”

Elsewhere, a report entitled Dental Implants Market: Increasing Clinical Familiarity to Drive Growth published by Companies and Markets recently predicted the global dental implant market could more than double over the next five years.

The report noted the versatility of the devices also means they can be used to improve the stability of other treatments, such as dentures or bridges.

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