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Dental implants ‘can improve a patient’s life’


Dental implants can improve people's lives. A top dentist in the US has been speaking of the benefits of dental implants for those with missing teeth.

Dr Steven A Koos from Chicago was attending a conference in which new technologies in oral healthcare were discussed.

Among them were implants, which Dr Koos said can have a huge impact.

"Every day I see the difference of how dental implants can improve a patient's life, restore their smile and confidence and give people normal dental function again to enjoy food," he enthused.

Dr Koos explained that they are better than traditional bridgework and can also replace removable dentures entirely, resulting in a better fit.

Last month, – the website of Dental Health magazine – said people struggling as a result of age-related tooth loss as well as from accidents could benefit from having dental implants.

These are anchored into the jaw bone, which then grows around them for extra stability.

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