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Early dental care ‘will help anxious children’


Early dental care 'will help anxious children'Taking children to dental appointments at a young age can both prevent the need for emergency dentistry and allay fears, one expert has claimed.

Dr Tom Hall believes that if youngsters are introduced to the idea of dental health between the ages of one and two, they are more likely to be cooperative as they age, reports.

Early treatment will not only mean the child is less inclined to develop extensive problems, but will also be advantageous in dispelling any apprehension, he stated.

Leaving the first visit to the dentist until the age of five could be highly detrimental as tooth decay could be prevalent by then, Dr Hall warned parents.

He encouraged people to seek professional expertise, explaining that teaching offspring about good oral practices and talking them through any necessary procedures could help keep them calm.

Writing for the Stabroek News, Dr Kiran Koora recently described how some children may need space maintainers in order to ensure their teeth do not grow crooked.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19878773-ADNFCR

Space maintainers ‘can help children’s teeth’


Space maintainers 'can help children's teeth'Children who lose a baby tooth before the adult one comes through may need cosmetic dentistry, according to one expert.

Writing for the Stabroek News, Dr Kiran Koora explained that children should be assessed by a dentist to see if they need to have a space maintainer fitted to guide their teeth.

“Crooked and/or crowded teeth in turn can lead to difficulty in chewing and accumulation of food particles,” the specialist explained.

The paedodontist stated that the spacer could be either fixed or removable dependant on the course of treatment and is made up of steel wires and rings that are fitted to the remaining teeth around the exposed region.

Dr Koora recommended wearing the appliance to prevent other teeth from shifting and disturbing the area before the permanent replacement comes through.

The specialist recently advised people to seek emergency dentistry as soon as possible if they break their teeth, as dentists may be able to replace the damaged section.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19861745-ADNFCR

Replace missing teeth ‘with dental implants’


Replace missing teeth 'with dental implants'Dental implants are the best cosmetic procedure for a missing tooth, according to one specialist.

Dr Albert Wesley recommended people opt for dental implants rather than having a bridge fitted, reports.

The dental expert explained that implants can be used to replace just one missing tooth or several and are a good investment in the long term.

Describing the procedure, he stated that temporary teeth are placed in the mouth while the permanent ones are created.

The benefits of having the titanium implant is that it will attach to the bone to function like a normal tooth, Mr Wesley stated, adding that the crowns rarely need replacing compared with traditional ones.

Although expensive initially, he encouraged individuals to opt for the treatment rather than the customary alternatives as implants will cost less in the long run.

If someone breaks a tooth they should seek immediate dental assessment to see if it can be repaired, paedodontist Dr Kiran Koora recently advised in the Stabroek News.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19854752-ADNFCR

Seek emergency dentistry ‘for broken teeth’


Seek emergency dentistry 'for broken teeth'If a tooth breaks or falls out people should seek emergency dentistry as soon as possible, according to one specialist.

Writing for the Stabroek News, paedodontist Dr Kiran Koora advised what people should do if their teeth are knocked out.

If the tooth is chipped but a substantial amount of the original remains, then a dentist should be able to replace the missing section with a cosmetic filling or crown, the expert explained.

However, if the entire tooth has been knocked out it is recommended that the patient places it in milk, contact lens fluid or coconut water to keep it moist and then visit a dentist immediately.

Delaying treatment could result in further injuries, Dr Koora warned, such as toothache and cuts to the mouth’s soft tissues.

The British Dental Health Foundation suggested people wear a professionally made mouthguard when playing sports to prevent damage to teeth and jaws.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19841003-ADNFCR

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