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Dental decay epidemic in Northern Ireland’s children


Shocking statistics have emerging this week that thousands of children and babies throughout Northern Ireland are needing dental surgery to remove decayed teeth. New figures from four of the five health trusts show that nearly four and a half thousand children found themselves admitted to hospital in desperate need of tooth extractions within the last year alone.

It was also revealed that babies as young one were suffering with decayed teeth, which also resulted in tooth extractions under general anaesthetic. Dr James Kelly, owner of Coalisland Dental, attributes the rise in decay to parents being unaware of the risks that sugary food and drinks have on teeth. He expressed the importance of parents paying attention to sugar content and considering healthier choices. He also stressed the need to implement a good oral hygiene routine of regular, supervised brushing.

Dr Kelly gave an example of the lack of knowledge around this area, “I’d a mother in recently who said that her child only drinks flavoured water, and thought that was a good thing. Of course, that isn’t the case because of the sugar content in such drinks, but there are parents out there who don’t realise the harm these things can do.” If parents are unsure of anything to do with dental health, it is advised that they contact their dentist for help and support.




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