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Reality stars show off gleaming teeth


There are those who would suggest that the TOWIE girls and boys have overdone it with the bleach, but there’s no denying that the sales of tooth whitening treatments have gone through the roof since the Essex group hit the big time last year. Cosmetic Dentist to the celebrities, Genevieve Keane, of the Start Smiling Clinic in Essex, explains why the unnaturally white look is so popular.

Dr Keane counts many of the TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) stars among her clients, and she’s particularly impressed with newcomer Georgina Dorsett, saying that she had ‘possibly had orthodontics when she was younger, plus she’s had them whitened. She is blessed with a beautiful smile…. I think she has cared for [her teeth] very well.’ She also commented on regular cast members Billie and Sam Faiers, saying the pair have ‘great teeth.

The Brentwood dentist was quick to give advice on teeth whitening to any wannabe reality stars; ‘Before you proceed with any dental cosmetic procedures, you need to ensure your teeth and gums are in optimum condition.’ she said, adding that her clinic always advises a consultation first and them an appointment with an oral hygienist, so that the teeth can be scaled and polished. Dr Keane recommends these treatments every three months or so, adding that ‘if you don’t have healthy teeth, any procedures you have will never last.’

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