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New dental equipment ‘saves lives’


New imaging equipment helps dentist save lives.

A dentist in Houston, Texas, has invested in $100,000 (£62,000) worth of digital technology to help him view images in startling quality, enabling him to save lives by diagnosing underlying medical problems more easily. dentist xray

Dr Spiker Davis from Houston Cosmetic Dentistry is now able to detect clogged sinuses, heart disease and even bone cancer.

The new technology takes digital images of a person’s body and is not distorted by radiation, thereby giving a much clearer image to work from.

“We get better quality, so I’m seeing things that as a dentist, I’ve never seen before – the quality is unbelievable,” said Dr Davis.

Elsewhere, Dr Jan Linhart of New York recently announced he has developed a teeth whitening treatment that has proven extremely successful with patients.

Dr Linhart noted his PearlinBrite teeth whitening has proved successful in almost 100 per cent of cases and has helped lighten teeth by up to ten shades in a single sitting.

Temporary dental veneers available


A new temporary treatment for pearly whites has been released.

Pearl Drops has announced Brits looking to have a dazzling smile this Christmas should invest in one of its products which gives them temporary dental veneers. temporary dental veneers

The Pearl Drops Instant White Ultra treatment is a gel that is applied to the teeth and provides a short-term sparkle to a person’s smile. It can be easily reapplied throughout a party.

“It’s the ideal secret weapon to keep in your clutch bag at all parties for Christmas and beyond. Simply brush on the liquid temporary veneer to get a dazzling smile to rival Cheryl Cole’s in seconds.” the company stated.

Elsewhere, Dr Jan Linhart of New York recently announced he has developed a new teeth whitening treatment that could help patient’s improve the colour of their teeth by up to ten shades in a single sitting.

He noted his new PearlinBrite system has so far had an almost 100 per cent success rate.

New teeth whitening treatment ‘highly effective’


A new teeth whitening treatment from the US has shown good results.

A new teeth whitening treatment has been developed in the US which has been found to be highly effective. new teeth whitening treatment

Dr Jan Linhart of New York has achieved an almost 100 per cent success rate when using a new laser teeth whitening treatment called PearlinBrite and boasts patients can achieve a nine to ten shades improvement in teeth colour after just one session.

The system uses a laser to activate peroxides in a gel which is applied to the teeth.

Dr Linhart noted: “Because PearlinBrite is so precise, we are able to minimize exposure of the gums and avoid issues of gum tissue sensitivity while getting great results.”

Elsewhere, Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian recently announced on Twitter that she had undergone a teeth whitening treatment.

The reality TV star posted pictures of herself having the procedure carried out, with the caption: “At the dentist for a good teeth cleaning! This is serious!”

Dental veneers ‘can make crooked teeth straight’


Dental veneers 'can make crooked teeth straight'Undergoing a teeth whitening procedure is one of the most affordable ways to get those pearly whites shining again.

This is according to dentist Dr Dan Utley, who told that teeth whitening will only work for natural teeth, not those with tooth-coloured crowns or fillings.

"New whitening processes and materials have not only lowered the cost of whitening, but provide more dazzling results in less time," Dr Utley told the website.

The dentist also recommends composite bonding as an "excellent way" to repair chipped, broken or discoloured teeth as well as those that have decayed or a way to replace silver fillings.

"The dental composite material with the look of natural enamel and dentin is applied into the cavity or onto the surface of the tooth," Dr Utley said.

He went on to explain that the material is then sculpted into shape, contoured and hardened with a high intensity light.

The beauty of the procedure is that the restoration "blends invisibly" with the remaining structure of the tooth.

Leading US dentist Dr Jan Linhart recently said that that having a dental implant can improve a person’s quality of life.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19382319-ADNFCR

Dental implants ‘a good alternative to dentures’


Dental implants could be more comfortable than denturesLondon dental implants could be a good alternative to dentures, it has been suggested.

People who have struggled with dentures or have experienced discomfort with them, may consider dental implants, according to two US dentists.

Dr Scott LeSueur and Dr Charles Dodaro from Arizona pointed out that there are two kinds of dental implants.

Mini implants can be placed in a single procedure, which secures the dentures in place.

Alternatively, traditional versions can replace each tooth or a bridge and full denture, as well as simply holding fake teeth in place.

The two differ in that the latter involves a titanium screw section that is implanted into the jaw, which bonds to the bone. Teeth then attached can either be removable or permanent.

"Unlike dentures, dental implants don’t move or cause discomfort," they said in a joint statement.

This comes as Dr Jan Linhart, a leading American dentist, commented this week that dental implants are more convenient and can improve quality of life.

Dental implants ‘could improve quality of life’


Dental implants 'could improve quality of life'People considering getting London dental implants may be interested in the comments of an American doctor.

Dr Jan Linhart, a leading dentist in the US, has compared the efficacy of dental implants compared to full or partial dentures.

He explained the implants could do away with the discomfort and inconvenience of false teeth.

Bone cells can bond to the titanium base of the implants, which, the expert posits, essentially makes them part of the patient’s body.

Furthermore, this could also prevent sagging muscles and thin lips that can often occur as a result of tooth-loss and bone degradation.

Dr Linhart said: "Dental implants prevent this by replacing the bone mass that would be lost.

"Patients with implants can look in the mirror and see their faces as they should be."

He concluded that the same effect could not be achieved with dentures.

In related news, it was recently claimed by Lane Ends Aesthetic & Implant Centre that porcelain dental veneers could be more effective than crowns.

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