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Speak to dentists about teeth whitening, expert urges


Professional teeth whitening treatments need not cost the earth.An expert has recommended that people who want brighter teeth speak to their dentist before opting for a DIY treatment.

Dr James Goolnik told the Cosmetic Dentistry Guide that although many kits are effective, a professional teeth whitening procedure is likely to achieve better results in the long run.

He pointed out that "prices are becoming increasingly competitive", so it need not break the bank.

Dr Goolnik advised people who want a Hollywood smile to speak to a cosmetic dentistry expert first to ask about prices and offers "before deciding to go for a cheap, potentially dangerous homemade treatment".

In September 2010, the Daily Rosetta recommended Zoom teeth whitening as a great solution for people who have been experiencing problems with yellowing and discolouration.

The source said the method is quick and gentle, plus it is more effective than traditional treatments thanks to its combination of a gel formula and a concentrated light.


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