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Brits ‘should not ignore sensitive teeth’


Britons who have sensitive teeth should not ignore the problem and instead should book a check-up with an emergency dentist to assess the issue.

A survey conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry revealed sensitive teeth can be a sign of enamel erosion or indicate receding gums, both problems which people should talk to their dentist about in order to resolve the issue.

In addition, individuals suffering from a dry mouth might also want to consult their dentist.

Dr Gigi Meinecke commented: "This is a problem because these oral conditions can lead to serious consequences."

Meanwhile, a study was recently carried out at the University of Gothenburg which showed that foods with a high alkaline content could be damaging to the organic parts of the teeth. As a result, researchers noted that those who eat alkaline-rich foods are more likely to develop sensitive teeth and see erosion of their tooth enamel.

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