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Root canal treatment ‘can be pain free’


Root canal treatment 'can be pain free'Delaying treatment for root canal damage is what causes the treatment to be painful, one specialist has claimed.

Talking to Asia One Health, Dr Seah Yang How explained that if people have a dental consultation not long after a toothache develops they could prevent discomfort later on.

The endodontist said: “When the procedure is done in the initial stages of a toothache, local anaesthesia is very effective and the pain can be very minimal.”

Dr Yang How described how the soreness comes from the nerves and blood vessels in the tooth becoming inflamed and advised patients not to put off visiting a professional for fear of tenderness.

He called the belief a “myth” and commented that new technology and anaesthesia could make early treatment painless.

Individuals were recently encouraged by Dr Eugene Antenucci to consider cosmetic dentistry to replace missing teeth and to help stop them looking older than they truly are.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19855424-ADNFCR

Tooth loss ‘is aging’


Tooth loss 'is aging'Looking after teeth can do more to prevent people looking older than plastic surgery, one group of specialists has claimed.

Dentists have explained how tooth loss can make individuals appear older than they are and that failing to floss can have long-term consequences, msnbc reports.

Poor dental hygiene could lead to gum disease, which if severe enough may damage the jaw bone and alter a person’s appearance, California dentist Dr Donald Clem warned.

He added that lips and cheeks look caved in and wrinkles become more prominent around the mouth.

Dr Eugene Antenucci furthered this theory, stating: “You register an older look because you see more spaces, less and uneven gum tissue.”

Oral health expert Dr Laura Torrado said that even if people attempt to have dental implants to correct the problem, the bone could be too extensively damaged for them to have a realistic affect.

Smokers were recently cautioned against the habit after it was revealed by WorlDental magazine that it could increase the risk of tooth loss.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19846970-ADNFCR

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