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Bruxism ‘can cause people to need emergency dentistry if left untreated’


It may not seem serious, but bruxism can lead to emergency dentistry.People who suffer from bruxism – the medical name for excessive teeth-grinding – should seek help in order to avoid emergency dentistry and other health problems.

This is according to Dr Luisa Dillner, writing for the Guardian, who said that the condition can cause headaches, earaches, jaw pain and damaged teeth.

She explained that it is caused by anxiety and stress, as well as too much coffee or smoking, but can become serious very quickly if left alone.

Dr Dillner recommended that dentists can usually fit mouth guards on sufferers to protect their teeth from needing emergency dentistry later on.

However, people with bruxism could also benefit from cosmetic dentistry to realign their teeth, as it can be caused by them being uneven. recently reported that the Bruxism Awareness Week held last month was a great success, helping to draw attention to the often debilitating condition and provide information for those affected.

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