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Has cosmetic surgeon created the perfect face?


Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr De Silva, says he has created what he considers to be the perfect composite of a face using commonly requested features from different celebrities. De Silva has taken these features to combine and make ‘the perfect face’. This consists of Miley Cyrus’ forehead, J-Lo’s eyebrows, Keira Knightley’s eyes, Angelina Jolie’s cheeks, the Duchess of Cambridge’s nose, Penelope Cruz’s lips, the jawline of Cher, Selina Gomez’s Chin and rounding it off with the complexation of Reece Witherspoon. The features have been combined as a composite image to reveal the ideal look.

According to Dr De Silva, the most requested celebrity feature at The Harley Street clinic is the mathematically perfect nose of The Duchess of Cambridge, followed closely by the eyes of the Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean star, Keira Knightley

The Clinic put together a list of the top nine most requested features over the last ten years and used the results to create the composition. Dr De Silva said that patients often arrive for consultations bearing photographs of celebrities and point out how they would like their surgery to look. He then has to use his professional opinion to decide whether this ideal will work with their facial proportions to ensure the outcome is achievable. On occasion, De Silva stated that, cosmetic surgeons will need to tweak plans, as there are limits with this kind of surgery.



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