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Brides competing with Botox dads


Traditionally it’s the bride who takes all the attention on the big day, but now the fathers are getting in on the action by undergoing Botox treatment in the run up to their daughters nuptials. According to New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr Steven L Davis, the number of fathers requesting cosmetic surgery prior to their children’s wedding has increased dramatically in recent years; ‘Wedding seasons nowadays are like Christmas or a New Years, that’s how crazy it’s become!’

Dr Davis spoke to Fox News about his latest patient; Tom Colucci from East Berlin, New Jersey, who was having filler injections after noticing that he was looking slightly older; ‘I’m starting to see some creases and extra wrinkles that weren’t there before,’ he said, ‘I want to look as good as I did ten years ago for my other daughter’s wedding.’ The father-of-the-bride didn’t want anything too surgical to improve the look of the wrinkles and was pleased when Dr Davis offered an alternative treatment to a facelift, he explained; ‘It’s my baby and I want to do it right, but I don’t need the stretches and the pulls and all that type of appearance.’

As well as having dermal fillers, Mr Colucci  told the programme that he had already lost thirty pounds in preparation for the June wedding, and overall he was happy with the results of the treatment, saying  ‘This is fantastic, the crease is gone. I like the way it looks.’

Now ‘is a great time to start preventing emergency dentistry’


There may be more time for emergency dentistry prevention now a new year is here. Now is an excellent time to begin an oral healthcare regime that could prevent emergency dentistry, an expert has said.

Irish Dental Association president Dr Billy Davis told that now the excesses of the festive season are all over, patients will be able to take more time on things like brushing and flossing.

The new year is also a good time for getting rid of bad habits such as keeping toothbrushes for too long, the expert said, pointing out that they should be changed every three months.

"Preventative dental care is important for people of all ages, particularly young people, and is the key to long-term dental health," Dr Davis commented.

He also recommended seeing a dentist regularly to stop little problems becoming big ones and asking about professional teeth whitening rather than using at-home kits.

People may be more willing to go for emergency dentistry in future after scientists said this week they had invented a device that can block out the noise of the dentist's drill for the patient.

New dental equipment ‘saves lives’


New imaging equipment helps dentist save lives.

A dentist in Houston, Texas, has invested in $100,000 (£62,000) worth of digital technology to help him view images in startling quality, enabling him to save lives by diagnosing underlying medical problems more easily. dentist xray

Dr Spiker Davis from Houston Cosmetic Dentistry is now able to detect clogged sinuses, heart disease and even bone cancer.

The new technology takes digital images of a person’s body and is not distorted by radiation, thereby giving a much clearer image to work from.

“We get better quality, so I’m seeing things that as a dentist, I’ve never seen before – the quality is unbelievable,” said Dr Davis.

Elsewhere, Dr Jan Linhart of New York recently announced he has developed a teeth whitening treatment that has proven extremely successful with patients.

Dr Linhart noted his PearlinBrite teeth whitening has proved successful in almost 100 per cent of cases and has helped lighten teeth by up to ten shades in a single sitting.

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