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Cheryl Cole has the perfect smile


She hasn’t had a lot to smile about in the past few months, but Cheryl Cole can feel better knowing that when she does flash those pearly whites, she’ll be the envy of the show-biz world. According to a study carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University, the former X-Factor judge has all the ingredients needed for a perfect smile.

Dr David Holmes revealed that it wasn’t just to do with the colour and shape of the teeth, the shape of the face and smile ‘technique’ were also contributing factors. ‘Cheryl Cole is a great example of the perfect smile.’ He said ‘It’s no coincidence that she has been such a success and become the nation’s sweetheart, her smile helps her come over as genuine, attractive, and engaging.’

The perfect smile is thought to be a combination of face shape, lip and tooth health, and confidence. Dr Holmes added ‘A major factor is how well you can produce a full ‘arch-bow’ smile; a wide, deep crescent revealing teeth but not gums, and reaching up to the eyes.’

The research also revealed that smiling with confidence could have considerable effect on our social standing, even help with our love lives. Dr Holmes noted ‘Smiling not only makes us feel good, it is also fundamental to human attachment, helps strengthen relationships and bonds people together.’

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