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Putting in dental implants ‘can have a massive impact on patients’


Dental implants are not as new a phenomena as people may think.Dental implants can positively impact upon people's lives, it has been said.

Speaking to the Northern Echo, dentist Mike Heads explained dental implants can stimulate jaw bone growth, improve the look of a face and help protect other teeth.

Poorly maintained teeth can affect speech and individuals may also have a lack of confidence.

The dentist said that while many Britons may think dental implants are relatively new, they came to the fore in the USA in the 80s.

He told the newspaper: "The great thing about implants is that you are not pratting about doing a few fillings."

Dr Heads became aware of the potential of dental implants when he was a guest of the American Dental Association after he won a British Dental Association award.

US dentist Dr Daniel Pittman recently told the Dothan Eagle that dental implants were "the closest thing to natural teeth you can get".


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