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Patients ‘should not worry about root canal treatment’


Patients 'should not worry about root canal treatment'People worrying about needing root canal treatment may be reassured by comments from a dental health expert.

Cosmetic dentist Thomas P Connelly urged prospective patients to remain calm before the procedure, as it is not as painful as most people think.

In an article for the Huffington Post, Dr Connelly stated that the treatment is the most effective method to stop pain from a damaged tooth.

The procedure usually involves drilling into the tooth in order to rid the mouth of infected pulp, with the dentist then drilling the nerves out of the root canal.

Dr Connelly warned patients that dental professionals often need to fit a crown to the tooth following the treatment in order to make it last as long as possible.

Bupa Healthcare states that the pulp in the teeth can be damaged by a number of factors which may lead to a person needing root canal treatment – including injury, gum disease and tooth decay.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800547250-ADNFCR

Nail biting ‘damages teeth’


Nail biting 'damages teeth'Damaged enamel and chipped, weakened teeth are some of the side effects of regular nail biting, according to one dental specialist.

Writing in the Huffington Post, dentist Dr Thomas Connelly stated that although not everyone will experience problems, he often observes patients displaying evidence of harm caused by the habit.

Dr Connelly explained that due to the number of clients he treats who want cosmetic dentistry to fix their smile, he has plenty of evidence to draw the conclusion that there is a direct link between tooth damage and chewing fingernails.

“I’ve seen too much first-hand to ignore this, in my mind – and professional opinion – it’s a fact that nail biting can hurt your teeth,” he said.

Meanwhile, industry professionals have reported a rise in the number of individuals seeking treatment for problems such as sensitive teeth and worn away enamel caused by teeth grinding, according to Medical News Today.

Foods that can stain the teeth


Brits have been advised on some of the more unusual things that can stain teeth.

There are many foods and substances that can stain the teeth and New York dentist Dr Thomas Connelly has highlighted some of the worst offenders.

WCBS reported that Dr Connelly claimed cough syrup and chlorine from swimming pools can be particularly harmful to the teeth if they are not quickly washed away.

He stated that swimmers calculus is a particular problem, as this occurs when chlorine the water reacts with the tooth enamel causing a yellowing of teeth and dark stain discolouration.

“Lemonade, there’s some lemonade that’s made from straight lemons and sugars,” he said.

“There’s nothing worse for your teeth – straight acid and sugar.”

Elsewhere, C Health recently reported that many people falsely assume that stained teeth come about as a result of poor oral health and this is not always the case.

Indeed, the publication stated that smoking, bad diets and drinking large amounts of coffee or red wine are all high-risk behaviours for teeth staining.

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