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Teeth whitening ‘is best done with a dentist’s advice’


: Teeth whitening might not be something to risk doing yourself.  People considering teeth whitening treatment may be better off seeking the professional help of a qualified dentist instead of doing it themselves.

This is the opinion of Dr Chetan, writing for, who pointed out that the process involves the use of chemicals that can be harmful if not used correctly.

He also said that teeth whitening can rub away the protective layer on the teeth if it is performed too often.

"It's always advised to visit a dentist before trying out any teeth whitening products," the expert commented.

Although DIY kits may be used safely, they can also cause dental damage and even stomach upsets if used in the wrong concentration.

In January, East Riding of Yorkshire Council trading standards officials issued a warning after finding that some whitening products being used in the area by beauticians and other healthcare practitioners contained a massive 360 times the permitted level of hydrogen peroxide.

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