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2011 ‘could be ideal time to make cosmetic dentistry resolutions’


Do any of your new year's resolutions involve cosmetic dentistry?As the new year dawns, people who are dissatisfied with their smile could find now is the ideal time to make resolutions involving cosmetic dentistry.

This is according to Dr Charles Martin from Virginia, who said dentists now have the technology needed to make everyone's smile an asset, Dentistry IQ reports.

"I urge anyone who is dissatisfied with their smile to consider making an appointment for a consultation with a reputable, experienced cosmetic dentist," he commented.

Dr Martin added that a brand new smile for a new year could result in patients growing in confidence and vitality, making a good impression on everyone they meet.

In summer, it was announced that Invisalign braces are to get even better thanks to new developments in technology, with the G3 range set to be launched internationally in 2011.

This could be good news for people thinking about getting braces to straighten misaligned teeth.

Teeth whitening ‘could please those looking for love’


Teeth whitening could make a difference in the dating game.Opting for teeth whitening could go down well with people who are on the lookout for love, according to one survey.

A poll by Periproducts discovered that 33 per cent of respondents thought a good smile and teeth are an absolute must when hitting the dating circuit, while 16 per cent of people said they feel better about their appearance if they have good teeth.

However, despite this, the average Brit spends just £5 a month looking after their oral health, reports.

Dentist Dr Jacob Krikor said patients are sure to be pleasantly surprised when they see the impact that cosmetic dentistry or even just a good deep-clean can have on their smile.

"A nice smile gives you self-esteem and confidence when meeting people and socialising," he added.

Earlier this month, Dr Charles Martin, founder of the Richmond Smile Centre in Virginia, suggested that bad teeth could cause people to look less approachable as they will discourage them from smiling.

Could teeth whitening encourage you to look more friendly?


There's science behind a smile, which could increase demand for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening may be even more in demand after an oral healthcare expert pointed out that smiles are important to humans on a subconscious level.

Dr Charles Martin, founder of the Richmond Smile Centre in Virginia, cited research from the University of California which showed that the attraction of smiling is actually down to sound.

He explained that when people smile, their voice goes higher, which signals that they must be a small creature that does not mean harm, rather than a deeper-voiced animal such as a predator.

The expert added: "How does the world view us if we refuse to smile, even if that refusal is simply due to being self-conscious about a less than perfect smile?"

Something else which could increase demand for teeth whitening was a study by the University of Manchester, which found that men are drawn more to the mouth than any other facial feature on a woman.


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