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Dental practice in Lancashire has certainly hit the big-time…


When it comes to sublime 21st century technology, a relatively small dental practice in Lancashire has certainly hit the big-time. The NHS Reedyford Dental Centre in Leeds Road, Nelson, has just welcomed a Cone Beam Computerised Tomography (CBCT) machine which will significantly enhance the service that the dentists can provide their patients. The 3D device means that dentists can now get a full and comprehensive view of someone’s mouth and also means professionals at the practice can check out whether a patient is suitable for dental implants. A detailed look at previous root canal treatments is something that this ‘super’ machine can provide too. It can also be used to work out width, depth and density and is also useful for viewing sinus cavities.

The practice is one of the first in the area to obtain such a device – even the large neighbouring hospitals of Burnley and Blackburn haven’t got one.

Dr Ausman Malik, who was instrumental in bringing the cutting-edge technology to the surgery, commented: “All other dentists in the area are using X Rays, which only give a 2D image. For most work this is absolutely fine, but when you’re doing certain things, you need 3D images.”

Mr Malik is studying a part time Masters course in Oral Surgery at the University of Central Lancashire so he is hoping that as well as putting the surgery on the map, it will also aid his development and allow him to do more oral work at the practice in future.

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